How to Improve the Speed of Huawei E583C MiFi Pocket

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You may have a Wifi tablet, such as iPad, and has bought a good partner to provide Wifi signal for your tablet, such as

Huawei E583C Mobile Wifi Pocket. Do you have some problem

that Huawei E583C MiFi has very slow data speed, or even hard to work with? Most of the users may face the same problem

but don't know how to overcome the trouble and surf the internet at high speed.

The most obvious phenomenon is that you can see your PC has connected E583C, but sometime it's still hard to open a

website, let alone watching video, uploading pictures or even releasing Twitters. You know, the speed may vary due to

network congestion, distance from the cell, local conditions, hardware, software and other factors. Except for hardware

and software, actually, we could do something to enhance the network support below. Let's see what we could do.

The network mode may influence the speed. Firstly, you need to confirm your E583C Router connect to 3G network.

1. Check local network condition, check whether there is 3G network which provided by telecom operator at the moment.

Ensure you are not in some close environment. (You may check the signal strengthen by the icon displayed on Web UI main


2. Please move Huawei E583C toward to window to get better signal

3. If the network condition is good but still cannot register, please try to reset E583C MiFi and try Again

4. Sometimes E583C will be rejected by the operator for some reasons. Please reset it and check. If E583C hotspot

still cannot camp on the network, please contact with your device provider.

5. Login Web UI to check whether E583C has been set to GSM only mode. If your E583C 3G Router has been set to GSM

Only, please select the WCDMA Prefer option in the drop down menu.

Secondly, the Wi-Fi signal may also the data speed slow. So it's important to get stable and strong signal.

1. When E583C Mobile Wireless Router using its battery power, in order to save energy for longer run‐time E583C will

lower down its transmit power ,so Wifi signal is weaker compare with powered by USB or power adapter. Connect E583C to

power adapter or with USB cable to a running computer's USB port will enhance E583C's Wifi signal strength.

2. Keep E583C at least 3 to 6 feet away from other electrical devices which may create RF signal and cause interference

(for example, microwave oven, TVs, cordless/cellular phones, baby monitors or wireless speakers). If you needn't using

any of those devices when you want to connect Internet, please turn it off.

3. Wifi covered range of E583C MiFi router is according to its power supply mode and its using environment. In Idea

clear square area the Wifi covered range of E583C as showed below:

Use power adapter: 100m (328ft)

Use USB cable connect: 100m (328ft)

Use battery supply: 10m (33ft)

4. In actual use Wifi covered range maybe different from idea square area, it decided by the environment you use. The

closer to E583C Mobile Wifi Hotspot, the stronger Wifi signal you get. And every obstacle (walls, ceilings, furniture)

between your device and E583C may decrease Wifi signal strength. Move your device closer to E583C can avoid obstacles and

improve Wifi signal.

5. Change the Wifi channel to fix one other than auto (you can try the available channel one by one and select the

channel with best signal strength)

Above are two methods to help users get high internet experience. Actually, there is external antenna port in Huawei

E583C MiFi Hotspot Router, if possible, buy one antenna for Huawei E583C to better gain the signal.  (Via:

modem3gblog) "


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