How to Improve Speaking Power of ADHD Kid

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In this way they have difficulties in their class and would prefer not to take interest in quizzes and oral tests because of their disability of gathering words. Here are some set of plans which help your ADHD kids to face such challenges:

  • Offer him Sufficient Time: Conduct separate session other than class with kids who have difficulties to execute their words. If they agree allow them with more time extension than others to create an answer.

  • Give him More Chance to Participate: In class if ADHD kid raises his hand to answer your question, give him a try as early as possible. As his weak memory may cause lose of thought to deliver in answer.

  • Teach him to Sketch: Keep an eye of presentation skills of ADHD kid and see how well he can thread his concept into the sketch. In this way you will analyze what is wrong with his concepts and logics.

  • Let him Mark Main Phrases: Offer your ADHD kid with a fluorescent marker to highlight key phrases which keeps his attention still on the topic. Use bright colors that pull his attention quickly and make sure the highlighted words are important.

  • Show Patience: Do you keep yourself calm as you ask question from your ADHD kid? Allow him extended time to answer you and don't worry if he delivers just a couple of words in return.

  • Encourage him to Speak: Let your kid be actively in on school events, training session, questions answers and community activities alike which bring out a social communication out of him. Make best efforts to create a society of friends and family around your ADHD kid with which he freely communicate.

  • Help him to Improve Presentation: For example your ADHD kid has been assigned with a presentation to present in the class next day. Make sure he prepares it with you at home. While acting as audience and appreciating his words you can ease his speaking power and he can be successful presenter in class.

  • Use Comic Books & Graphic Novels: Do you know that comics are best way to bring out reading and learning abilities from your ADHD kids. There are comics related to kids' diseases which offer disease awareness for kids such as ADHD comic books, Diabetes comic books, Asthma comic books and so on. You can buy medical comic books for children from medical comics shop.

  • Practices like mentioned above are not only improves the speaking power of your ADHD kid but must build up his confidence level. In this way, you kid will develop a feeling that he is not an ADHD but is as same as his fellows.

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