How To Identify The Best Tanning Lotion

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The best tanning lotion must necessarily have all ingredients for sunless tanning. In sunless tanning, the lotion helps to give a uniform bronzed look without your having to lie in the sun for hours to get a tan. Incidentally, prolonged exposure to the sun's rays can end up doing more harm than good for your skin. You can get rashes, allergies, skin burns, and you also stand the risk of getting skin cancer. Tanning lotion is proven to produce the same tan as you would get from natural sunlight. Added to this, the tanning lotion helps to nourish the skin and keep it moisturized.

The tanning lotion is to be applied externally only and must not be administered close to sensitive areas of the face like the eyes or mouth. The best tanning lotion must have a self-adjusting formula, permitting its users to control the degree of tan he wishes to get. Moreover, the best tanning lotion is one that gets absorbed instantaneously and gives a uniform tan that is free from blotches and patches.

The best tanning lotion typically has a high degree of sunscreen and optionally a bronzing element. A good self tanning product is one which can be seen when applied. When the tanning cream is transparent or white in color, the user cannot monitor its application well. When the tanning lotion comes with a coloring agent, it can be applied to specific areas. Prior to application, the skin must be cleansed free of any other chemicals and an exfoliating cream must be applied first. This cream will enable the tanning lotion to dry up at once. Besides sunscreen, the best tanning lotion should be able to condition the skin too.

Today, a tanning lotion is held as a popular alternative to bathing in the sun for long hours to get a spotless tan. This sunless tanning method using a self tanner is beneficial because it works faster and is safe. It eliminates the risks of skin allergies and cancer. All you need to do is research on the Internet for tanning products that are clinically tested and compatible with your skin type.

It is advisable to purchase the best tanning lotion after reading through customer feedback and reviews of the different tanning products. You can even buy samples of a tanning lotion to test it on your skin and see the results before you actually buy the product. The best tanning lotion is certain to give you a great looking radiant tan right at home, saving you a whole lot of money that you would have to otherwise pay in a beauty salon!

For the best quality tanning lotions and tanning products, you should ideally visit the Sun Laboratories website. This company has been in this business for nearly three decades and all their products are tested to be safe. The company has come up with a huge range of tanning products ranging from tanning lotion, airbrush spray, cleansing gels and body washes to sunscreens and overnight self tanning lotions. All the tanning products are easy to apply and safe to even the most sensitive skin.

Visit the site to know more about the best tanning lotion that this company manufactures along with many other tanning products, all of which are clinically tested and approved by dermatologists.

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