How to Handle Unwanted Phone Calls from Telemarketers

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Answering unexpected phone calls everyday from telemarketers can be one of the most annoying and fighting invasions of privacy a person may experience. It is a major inconvenience that every household may experience and is very stressful to deal with. Is it not annoying when you rush out from the bathroom halfway done taking a bath, or get out from under the car covered with grease, just to pick up the phone and only to find out an unknown caller is trying to sell you something you do not even need? Every household wants to have a quiet dinner at home or enjoy long hours of uninterrupted sleep during weekends. They simply do not want to answer phone calls from someone they do not know who is trying to sell something over the phone and get their credit card or bank account details.

With the emergence of telemarketing call centers, more and more telemarketers were produced, calling every household to sell their products or services. Why? Because it is the most cost-effective marketing strategy and communication technique available.

Because of the rapid growth of telemarketing call centers, several laws were passed and amended. One of these is the national Do Not Call law or DNC law. All you need to do is have your home phone number including wireless phone number registered to the DNC list. Unsolicited calls are prohibited from calling these listed phone numbers, otherwise, a complaint can be filed against the telemarketing company that the caller is connected with. If you have not registered your number yet to the DNC list, and if you happen to answer a phone call from these people, wait until the caller has identified himself or herself and the company he or she represents. In this way, you can take note of the company's complete information. This is important when filing a complaint against the company. Then you may answer politely and ask him or her to put your number to their internal DNC list and they will never call your number again.

Unfortunately, the DNC law has not completely eliminated the number of unwanted telemarketing calls. However, there are other ways on how to handle these unwanted calls. First, it is important that you have a caller ID. In this way, you can recognize a call from an unknown caller or from a telemarketing company and you can either ignore it, or answer it and inform him or her right away that you are on the DNC list. Second, exercise the freedom of choice. If a telemarketer does manage to get you on the phone, remember that you have the freedom to choose whether or not you participate in the call. You may simply hang up on him or her rather than argue that you do not need their product or service. This can also help you from bursting out your temper or anger for being annoyed. If you happen to receive harassing calls from these telemarketers, you may inform your local phone company so that they can set up a trap on your phone line. In this way, the phone company can determine the phone number from which the harassing calls have originated. You must take note of the time and date these calls are received. The phone company does not charge you for the trap set up.

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