How To Get Rid of Whiteheads

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Their is no quick and easy to get rid of any acne. First you must be educated on what causes the acne and only then can you plot an effective course in the war on acne. This being said the cause can be anything from genetics, to environment up to and including diet and exercise or just not being as clean as you could be.

First things first wash your hands with antibacterial soap often and keep your mits away from the affected area, as this can be a huge compounding factor in the cause of your whiteheads or whatever kind of acne of which you happen to suffer from this very moment.

You will also want to occasionally on a daily schedule wash the affected area with some anti bacterial deep cleanser of some sort whichever is your favorite brand or scent will do just fine.

In the evenings and mornings the first thing you should do is exfoliate your skin with a sulfur based product. Keeping your pores clean and clear is the first step in the war on acne, the second which we already discussed is simply getting rid of the excess oils and dirt and keeping them from compounding in your problematic areas thus not causing you to have acne or more severe acne in the first place.

Sometimes these steps will not work and as with all things in consideration with the human body I would highly recommend speaking to your local dermatologist and seeking their guidance in plotting an effective course in eliminating your acne. They have at their disposal such things as retin gel, laser therapy and plastic surgery. Not to be taken lightly but if your case is severe enough they will pull out all the stops in an attempt to get rid of any whiteheads or acne you may have.

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