How to get Increased Eyelash Growth Rate?

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Everybody wants to look smarter and your eyelashes play an important role in electrifying your looks. It is almost impossible to get longer eyelashes in just one day. The eyelash growth rate is quite less as compared to the growth of hair on your head. According to a research, if you have generally small eyelashes, it will normally take several months to get a long one. It means that you will need to have a lot of patience to let it grow, since the change is hardly noticeable. There are various factors that play an important role in increasing the growth of eyelashes. These factors could by anything. Some normal factors that lead to the loss of eyelashes are your age, genes, lifestyle, diet and even your hormonal state.

The eyelash growth rate can be divided into three main steps including:

•Anagen Growth Phase
•Catagen Growth Phase
•Telogen Growth Phase

•Anagen Growth Phase - This cycle is clinically known to be the first and the most effecitve eyelash growth stage. This is so because it is in the cycle that almost 30% of the eyelashes begin to grow. The stage is an extreme stage and can last for as long as 7 weeks.

•Catagen Growth Cycle - This stage results into an interruption, but moreover plays an equally part in the overall eyelash growth cycle. Also considered as the lag phase due to its behavior, the growth of the eyelashes stop and the follicles start to diminish when the growth reaches this stage. The catagen growth cycle is relatively smaller when it comes to the duration, and can last for a maximum of 3 weeks.

•Telogen Growth Phase - This is also known as the final stages, since it is the last stage of the eyelashes before they start falling off. A crucial point here is that every eyelash has its own eyelash growth cycle. This means that there is never a time when all the eyelashes start growing at the same time, or even start falling off at the same time.

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