How To Get Beautiful Organic Hair Colouring For Your Hair

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Organic Hair Colouring

More and more people are integrating organic products into their lives. Not only are organic products less harsh to the environment, they are especially beneficial to our health.

Many people decide to colour their hair, whether to cover up grays or to try a new look. If you are visiting the salon on a regular basis, the chemicals in commercial hair dyes could be doing serious damage to your health.

Have you ever wondered what the effects of ammonia and peroxide are to your hair? Continual use of chemicals can wear down the outer coating of the hair, causing it to become brittle and break. The overall look to your hair is a shabby, unhealthy look.

Many allergic reactions have been linked to the use of hair colours. For colour to be effective the cuticle must be opened for colour to be deposited. This is most easily achieved with the use of chemicals.

It's not just your hair that is damaged through using colours with harsh chemicals. Studies have shown the inhalation of ammonia and peroxide over long periods of time can be damaging to the respiratory system. Some hair colour contains PPD, which is behind most of the allergic reactions you get warned about on the side of the pack. Some hair colours even contain mercury and lead.

There is an alternative. Organic hair colour is available. Produced with natural ingredients, it colours your hair gently, giving you a great look without damaging your hair. These non toxic colours have been availbile for thirty years, but it is only recently that they have become stocked in more salons, making them more accessible to many people.

Organic Hair colours do have very small amounts of chemicals such as PPD and ammonia, about 20% of what the alternatives do. The effect on the health of your hair and your body is minimal compared to using other colours. Without a small amount of these chemicals it would be impossible to change the colour of the hair.

Many people believe that you cannot dye your hair when you are pregnant because of the chemicals in the dyes. It is safe to use organic dyes when you are pregnant, as the small trace amounts are not enough to effect the baby. Many people who have been treated for cancer also choose to use organic dyes because of the low chemical levels.

If you are at all concerned about your own health, as well as the health of the planet, organic hair colours are worth a try. Many consumers report the results are just as good as any mainstream or salon dyes. Give your body a break and give it a shot.

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