How to get a diet free weight loss.

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To me diet free weight loss means I never have to diet again and that is how it should be. Nature provided for everything. It designed us with a metabolism to control our weight. How great is that? But like most of nature's works of art, we had to go one better. Whenever something works really well, you can bet someone will want to improve on it and mess it up in the process. Diet free weight loss worked for centuries till someone had a bright idea.

In 1970, most people still took diet free weight loss for granted. They still assumed it would always be normal. But experimentation with anything new was in vogue and that included new foods. Pasta was introduced to the average household and a breadbasket at every meal was expected. By the late seventies, retailers got adventurous. Butchers began to prepare their meats for better display. Bakers went even further. Bread was no longer just a loaf of bread it was a dozen different shapes and varieties from around the globe. Sugar was often introduced to add flavor.

Cereals went from porridge and cornflakes to boxes of sweets. We got a brightly colored box of cereal with every flavor. ‘Your kids will love it' they said. Of course they would. It was a box of sweets.

Manufactured foods flourished. Anything produced in a factory was superior. This was a boon to the new ‘snack food' industry. This was food you could take anywhere and eat anytime. It was salty, and sometimes sweet. It was spicy, it was full of flavor and it was very addictive.

The one word that accompanied all the manufactured foods was ‘healthy'. You know the old saying, ‘if you have to keep saying it, it's probably not true...and of course; it's not true.

Do you think that our metabolism has NOT suffered some damage by having to adjust from a diet which changed little for centuries to one which is virtually the exact opposite? When people get older their metabolism slows down, when someone's thyroid gets damaged the metabolism suffers. When people eat food the body has difficulty processing, the metabolism suffers and diet cravings kick in.

All these new carbohydrates were more than our metabolism could cope with so it simply slowed down. That meant we began to store the fat we would normally have burned off in energy. Our metabolism could then establish a new benchmark for what it considered our ‘normal' weight. By then most of us were already looking for an easy diet plan.

A diet then, as today, means reducing calories. IF the diet continues long enough your confused brain would read the food shortage as a famine and signal your metabolism to slow down even more.

Our body was never designed to handle processed carbohydrates. But famine it knows well. It will recognize it after you have dieted for a little while. It will slow you down and losing weight will be very hard. As soon as you give up, the weight will return, and so will some added bonus weight.

Five years ago I discovered how to get a diet free weight loss and my weight has been normal ever since. I'm ready to share some information you cannot afford to miss.
Kirsten Plotkin Author

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Occupation: Writer
Kirsten Plotkin is a writer and author. She has written countless articles on the internet, covering a variety of subjects.

So far, she has published two books online. The first, 'My Own Plan', about her amazing loss of weight five years ago, which became a permanent weight loss. She has remained slim for more than five years. That proves she will never have to diet again.

The second book was about her hobby, which is candle making. How to make novelty candles was published recently. For a while it was to have been the foundation of a home business, but she came to her senses. She realized she is a writer not a marketer.

Kirsten believes in the importance of knowing our own strengths and weaknesses. This gains us the most valuable knowledge we can possess. It allows us to focus our time and efforts on the skills we know we are good at.

It also stops us from following Pied Pipers with other seemingly clever programs for which we are not suited.
Once we know what we are capable of, we can build on it and go beyond that.

Kirsten is about to start her third book. The topic is a secret at this stage, but she hopes to have it published within the next three months. As always, she hopes it will be of great help to a lot of people.

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