How to get a complete smile design treatment

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Smile design is basically the process of improving the overall appearance of ones smile via various cosmetic dentistry procedures such as composite bonding, teeth implants, teeth whitening and dental veneers. When going in for smile design treatment, one needs to be aware that this process would involve a reconstruction of ones complete mouth for esthetic & functional reasons.

A smile design treatment takes into consideration various areas of ones face such as the skin tone, hair color, color of teeth, length and width of teeth and the exact tooth display. As smile design is a customized treatment, one needs to make sure that the treatment is acquired from a professional dental surgeon trained in cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Smile Design Is an Art- That Only Professionals Excel In

It is a fact that not every dentist would have the ability to provide patients with quality and professional smile design treatment. This is the only parameter that makes selection of a dental surgeon important from the price factor. One common mistake that most people do while searching for a dentist who can perform quality smile design treatment is that they consider that their normal dentist would easily design their smile. Not all doctors excel in smile design as they need to have a specialization in cosmetic dentistry to give their patients a complete smile makeover.

Options Considered For Smile Design Treatment

There are lots of options that are considered by dentists to provide their patients with a smile design treatment.

Tooth Whitening: - Tooth whitening is an integral part of smile design treatment. In this, the color of teeth is lightened and if the patient has stained teeth the strains are removed.

Porcelain Veneers/Crowns: - This is one of the common processes which are usually followed to design the smile of the patients. In this, a little amount of tooth structure is removed from the teeth and then the porcelain veneers are bonded to the teeth. They help to beautify & align the teeth as well

Invisalign: - This is one of those techniques that dominate the total cost of the smile design treatment. In this invisible braces are used to straighten the shape of the teeth.

It depends on the condition of the patient's teeth that any one of the above mentioned or all treatments are included in the smile design treatment.

Cost of Quality & Professional Smile Design

It is a fact that cosmetic dentistry treatment is quite costly as compared to the general dental treatment. There is no fixed price of this smile design treatment as the steps are basically dependent on the tooth color and the tooth shape as they are going to make the smile appear beautiful.

Article written by Dr. Sween Kathuria, cosmetic dentist in Delhi, India, offering world class tooth whitening.

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