How To Fix Dry Damaged Cuticles For Better Fingernails Health

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Dry damaged cuticles can be a real problem, and they also can cause other nail problems such as hangnails and may stunt your fingernail growth.

For very overgrown cuticles you will need a metal pusher to help push them back, otherwise, an orange wood stick will work perfectly.

It is not wise to cut cuticles with nail scissors, as this can cause a lot of damage and if you are not careful you may cut your cuticle and let in a bacterial infection.

To help repair them, soak your fingernails in warm soapy water for a few minutes, dry and apply a cuticle removal cream. Preferably one which is not laden with chemicals.

My favourite way of doing this is to warm up some olive oil and soak my fingernails in the oil for about 15 minutes, when finished I give my fingernails a massage for a few more min to help soften the cuticles.

Get your cuticle tool (orange stick or metal pusher) and push gently down on your cuticles. Make sure you are holding the pusher on an angle, and go all around the edge of your fingernails.

When you are pushing back your cuticles you are helping remove dead skin and debris.

Next, gently go around your cuticles with small tiny circles, this will remove any dead or flaking cuticle. If you find some of the dead cuticle not coming off, cut with nail clippers.

Again, you have to be careful when using nail clippers as they are very sharp and if you cut too deep you will let in an infection.

Once you have your cuticles looking good, to help keep them that way every now and then put a teaspoon of sugar into a small bowl with 1 tablespoon olive oil and massage into your fingernails, cuticles and hands.

This is a great way to give your nails and hands a scrub. Just like a facial scrub, and your hands will feel beautiful and smooth.

If you have time, give your fingernails a massage each night, using olive oil, almond oil, coconut or vitamin E oil. Avoid creams which contain chemicals, as these chemicals are not good for your fingernail health in the long term.

You donít need to spend money on cuticle removal creams when an oil from your kitchen pantry, will do just as good a job.

Try including supplements into your diet if you are not eating properly. Take vitamins such as; biotin, fish oil and vitamin B12, you will also get the added benefits of a clear complexion, healthy shiny hair and of course fabulous stronger fingernails.

If dry cuticles are a constant problem, then you must keep them moisturized daily. Always wear cotton lined gloves when doing the dishes or working around the house.

If your damaged cuticles are not responding to any of the methods mentioned above, then a trip to a dermatologist (people trained in skin disease) would be wise.

If you want to help improve your fingernail growth, then looking after your cuticles is a must.

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