How to Find What Channels Are On Satellite TV

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Today, not only can we have TV everywhere we want to watch it, but we can watch anything we want on TV at anytime we want to watch it as well. Hundreds of channels ranging from kids cartoons all the way through war documentaries are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Whether we want to watch NFL highlights, or a Western, all we have to do is flip channels and we can watch to our heartís content. But how do we find what we want to watch on digital satellite when we want to watch it?

There are several tools available to help us sort through all the channels available. From the TV listings in your local paper all the way through several online websites devoted to making sure we can find whatís on TV, there are resources available at our fingertips to help us find exactly what we want. There are actually more resources to help us find out what satellite channels are on than there are satellite channels on TV! So how do we find the best resources for our needs?

One way to set things up, for instance, is if you watch something at the same time every day, like a soap opera that comes on while youíre at work. Simply go to the time slot on the channel the show is broadcast on and click it to record every day. That way, itíll be sitting there waiting for you to watch it when you get home in the evening. Never miss a moment of your favorite soap again!

But what do you do if you wake up in the middle of the night and canít sleep? All you want to do is watch some TV to distract you so you can get back to sleep. While you can pop up the guide and flip channels for the next 20 minutes, you can also jump directly to a group of channels to see whatís on. For instance, all the movie channels are grouped together, as well as all of the sports channels. Documentary and specials channels are in one area and the shopping channels are pooled in another. All your locals are easily located together, usually in the low numbers on your system, and if you want to watch a Pay per View movie, they are all located above the movie channels. No longer do you have to flip channel by channel to try to locate something worth watching. A click or two of the remote and you can find anything!

As a fan of all things sports, Scott has been clearing off his DVR to make room for all the great games that will be played throughout the season. Quickly flipping through his satellite channels, he creates a game plan for live games and those he will record. This weekend, Scott is looking forward to sports TV and time with the boys.

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