How to Find the Perfect Hairstyle to Complement the Shape of Your Face

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If you are like most women, at one time or another you have probably found yourself with a hair style that just doesn't look good on you for whatever reason. In most cases, it isn't that the hairstyle itself is bad. It is simply that you have chosen the wrong hairstyle for your face. While it would be nice to be able to choose any hairstyle we wish and have it look good on us, the truth is that the shape of your face is going to dictate whether or not a certain hairstyle is a hit or a total miss. Here are some tips on selecting hairstyles based on the shape of your face.


Square shaped faces are characterized by relatively equal widths of your forehead, cheekbones and chin, creating a face that looks a bit box-like. Hairstyles with side parts and wispy bangs will soften the lines of your face, as will short to medium length hair which is at least slightly wavy toward the sides of your face. Avoid sleek and pulled back hairstyles, as they will tend to make your face look wider and squarer than ever.


Heart shaped faces are marked by a wider forehead and narrow chin. This facial shape needs hairstyles that are chin length and longer. However, you will want to avoid cuts that follow the shape of your face because these will make your forehead and cheekbones appear wider and your chin look more pointed. Hairstyles with wispy bangs or wispy strands of hair brought forward around the upper face are perfect for this shape face.


Women who have oval shaped faces are extremely lucky because this facial shape can handle almost any length or style of hair and still look good. If you have an oval shaped face, your face will be about 50% longer than it is wide, making it ideal for long, short or medium length hair styles. You will however want to avoid styles that add height to the top of your head, or those with heavy bangs. Pulled back styles in particular will help set off your perfectly shaped face beautifully.


Round shaped faces are those that look pretty much like a ball in shape. A round shaped face has fewer choices for hair length and style simply because many hairstyles will make a round face look rounder or even wider than it really is. The best styles for round shaped faces are those that are slightly layered at the top, as this helps add height and give your face a slightly longer look. The sides of your hair should be close to your face, and the length should be at least slightly below chin level. Wearing a hair style that stops above or at the chin level will make your face look fuller, something that you will want to avoid if your face is round.

If you are unsure of your face shape or simply don't know which style will work best for you, ask your hairstylist. He / she will be more than happy to give you some ideas of hairstyles that will work for you and leave you looking and feeling great.


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