How to Find That Elusive Cure for Psoriasis

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Psoriasis commonly manifests itself in the form of red scaly patches on the skin. It is a chronic, non contagious auto immune disease. It is believed that this is a genetic disorder. Though there are certain factors which can aggravate the condition and their control can keep the spread of the disease in check, it is a difficult disease to treat.

Effects Of The Disease

Patients affected by psoriasis are graded as mild, moderate or severe depending upon the percentage of the body affected by the disease.

Apart from the physical discomforts of the disease such as itching, pain and in some cases even some disability, this disease also has a deep psychological impact on patients. They are often self conscious about their appearance and therefore have a poor image about themselves. A large percentage of patients have reported that they limit social interactions because of fear of rejection and embarrassment about their condition.

Self Help To keep Psoriasis Under Control

Essentially what happens in this disease is that new skin is generated at a tremendously increased speed. Typically, your skin takes about twenty seven days to replace itself with new skin. In the case of a patient afflicted by this disease; the skin replaces itself in three to four days with the skin forming thick patches.

By incorporating the tips given below, a patient suffering from this disease can prevent it from getting worse:
* Do not rub vigorously with a towel after a bath. Pat dry so that the skin does not get irritated.
* Reduce stress, as it is believed that high stress levels can trigger flare-ups of the disease.
* Do not use soaps which irritate the skin. If feasible, use natural cleansing agents in lieu of soap.
* Keep the skin well moisturized.

Treatment for Psoriasis

Specific treatments for this disease can have differing results on different patients. It cannot be said that one line of treatment will work for all patients. Typically, three main courses of treatment in the conventional line of medicine are used.

The first is topical treatment with skin ointments. If the patient does not respond well enough to this treatment, then the next level of treatment, phototherapy is usually employed. If this too does not work, then medicines which are to be taken internally are prescribed.

For many patients, after doing the rounds of numerous treatments, dermatologists turn to alternate or natural cures.

Diet and Psoriasis

It is often said that a certain diet can cure this disease. There is no evidence to substantiate this claim. However, patients suffering from the disease have said that certain foods aggravate their condition while others make them feel better. These foods are not specific and vary from individual to individual.

Therefore if you suffer from the disease, a recommended diet for you would be one which excludes foods which aggravate your condition. This could be oranges for you and something completely different for somebody else.
The important thing to remember is that this is not a skin disease. It is an immune system disorder which manifests itself as a skin disorder. Therefore, the treatment of psoriasis should be targeted towards the immune system disorder, and many natural cures now available are aimed in this direction.

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