How To Film A Movie And Get Distribution

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Breaking in to Hollywood is a difficult task. There are millions trying their luck every year, while only a few hundred movies are ever produced and receive distribution. But it is possible. The best way to break in to Hollywood is to make your own movie. Here are six clear steps for making it happen:

(A word of warning: It won't be easy, but it will be possible, if you follow these guidelines.)

Write a script: There are hundreds of books available--some better than others--for how to write your own movie script. Read the reviews and the endorsements before choosing one. Of course, the best route to go is through reading actual screenplays, both good and bad. It's much more effective than learning theory alone.

Assemble cast and crew: Seek out talented actors and crew. You can start with local college or university drama programs. If you must splurge on talent, make sure it is a quality director of photography. A film with the right look can overcome many other problems associated with cast and crew, because your film will look polished.

Set aside days for filming: Make sure that everyone understands the schedule, and that you have surrounded yourself with individuals who will be committed to honoring the time obligations. Once everyone is on the same page, use your days of filming to get as much done as possible. Have cast and crew eat meals on set, and if possible, lodge there as well. If you can't, at least make sure that everyone is within a reasonable driving distance to the location.

Focus on editing: Once you have shot all the footage, it becomes your primary task to edit the footage into a coherent and compelling feature. This is where the movie is truly made. It used to be a much more difficult process that involved scissors and tape. Today, most editing chores can be handled more efficiently by computer.

Enter festivals: Once your film is "in the can," so to speak, you will need to get it noticed. Distributors often pay attention to film festivals for finding the next hidden gem. Enter yours in as many prestigious festivals as possible. Tribeca and Sundance are two of the most recognizable, but they're definitely not the stopping point. Start with local festivals and try to build steam and word-of-mouth.

Get reviewed: It never hurts to have critical support. With the advent of the Internet, it's become easier than ever to get your movie noticed. It does take some legwork on your part, however. If you can get reviewed favorably by a site like Ain't It Cool News or Cinematical, you've come a long way to getting noticed and respected.

Learning how to film a movie and get distribution is not an easy task, but it is a doable task through hard work, attention to detail, and perseverance.

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