How To Fade Your Age Spots?

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One of the main reason for having age spots are prolonged exposure to sun rays. The other reasons are eating too much of oil in your diet, diet low in nutrient value and weak liver.
Generally age spots starts appearing in late 30s because the skin is less able to regenerate and replace the cells damaged from exposure to sun. Besides being unsightly it obscures the detection of skin cancer thus posing the risk of developing cancer in future.
Age spots are easier to prevent than to cure eating green leafy vegetables and things that are rich in carotene such as carrot, sweet potato, wolf-berries etc. will help reduce your chances of developing age spots.
If you are already having this problem then don't worry there are a variety of ways available in the market through which you can fade your age spots or can completely get rid of them.
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Diminishing cream: Body creams which has bleaching agent in it are a good choice for getting rid of very light age spots whereas prescription cream that has Vitamin A in it is more effective than over the counter creams.

Laser treatments: If you have darker age spots then laser treatment is also a good option. It burns the affected skin and therefore regeneration of new & fresh skin takes place thereby removing the age spots. Laser treatment is not an instant process and requires at least one or two week's time.
Another great option is to use chemical peels.
Chemical peels: Chemical peels work by removing the outer layer of the skin helping the new and fresh skin to surface. This is an effective solution to almost all skin problems like age spots, acne scars, black heads, white heads, wrinkles etc. Chemical peels can be used in the comfort of your own home.
Depending on the intensity of your skin problem there are a varying intensity of chemical peels available in the market. Most effective of them is high intensity peels because they affect deeper layers of your skin.
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