How to Entertain Your Kids in the Car?

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Does it drive your crazy when you have no idea to entertain your kids when they are with you in the car? Several hours are cake comparing to long family trip. So parents need to know a few good ways to entertain kids in the car to ensure happy family time, right? Here has some ways for moms and dads to consider.

Take advantage of what you have got in your car
Most parents are not willing to see their kids glued to the inside car monitor the time on their road trip. Why not use car technology? Relying on the entertainment system of your car (car audio & video), you could pack your kids favorite tapes or discs before your trip. I think your kids are glad to help prepare mixes in advance of family favorites so that everyone in your family could feel their position in your heart.

Prepare a treasure box
Almost all the kids like presents. You could prepare a treasure box which contain gifts like RC toys, puzzles, artsy materials and Barbie your kids like. Regulate an interval you give one present to your kids. Well selected treasures will keep your kids busy at guessing which their next gift will be without be aware of the passing time in the car.

Play progressive storytelling
No kids don't love stories, but reading in the car could make some people suffer from car sick or headaches. You could let your kids develop their own story. This pastime need one person to start a story and after an episode stops and let next person to pick up the tale of the previous person left off and continue telling the story she/he think it should develop to. Never used this method? You should have a try.

Encourage your kids to sing songs
Singing is one of the easiest ways to entertain kids no matter what kind of ways you sing the song. One of the most important things is to make your kids feel that they are not told to do something, so parents should join in if necessary.

Bring portable games on the way
Small portable toys offer convenience to help your kids kill time. If you have several children, you need to choose toys according to their age and interest differentiation. Some rules are necessary to prevent argue if all your kids are interested in one toy.

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