How To End Poverty In Israel

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True, poverty is a curse and it needs to be eradicated to ensure a respectable life for every individual. But with political instability and economic depreciation playing havoc in different parts of the world, especially in the war-affected countries of Middle East and Africa, little has been done so far to help the poor. Prominent scholars and social scientists opine that poverty, although might seem to be a single problem, has its roots deep into the soil of religious intolerance and orthodoxy. For people belonging to a similar religious group are seen to be sympathetic to each other and ardently help each other out in crunch times. But when it comes to standing by someone from a different religious sect, contrary is the case. Israel is no exception to this! The Israeli Arabs are the most affected segment of the population of whom the majority Jewish people are indifferent, to say the least. Hence, in spite of the 'so called' technological and military feats in the last few decades, there is still abject poverty in Israel - the once renowned "Land of Milk and Honey".

Before going any further, let us take a look at the current figures for poverty in Israel. According to a study, today out of 7 million Israelis, 1,774,800 are painstakingly living in poverty. Further it is suggested that the chief reason for this startling rise in the number of poverty-stricken individuals in Israel is due to huge number of job-cuts in recent years. As most of these people are the sole bread-winners of their families, there is need for implementation of appropriate policies to ensure a minimum income to these people with low-earning potential. Whatever be the cause of poverty in Israel, being human it is our solemn duty to help those in need with whatever means possible. Donating to Israeli charity is one of the best ways to serve the purpose aptly.

If you want to gain spiritual bliss and contentment, donate your offering to the poverty stricken people of Israel through a renowned charity. Global Jewish Assistance & Relief Network (GJARN) is a premier charity mission working in Israel for the last 10 years with the sole objective of eradicating poverty from the holy land by ensuring food for every hungry individual. With unique initiatives like launching Israel's first National Food Bank and running it successfully for two years, GJARN's initiatives have grown extensively in the last few years. In the last year alone the total charity amount raised for Israel was $4.14 million with $ 1 million raised through their NY headquarters alone. Don't stay behind, come in front. Your small contribution can bring about a change in the lives of the needy Israelis.

If you want to do your bit to alleviate Poverty in Israel CA 's or Donate to Israel CA . GJARN office is the place to come to. For details on how to make your donation or whom to contact, visit today!

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