How to Eliminate your Electricity Bill

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Renewable ways in creating electricity are from the sun, wind and water.

Some issues with these Sources of Energy are -

- Wind velocity varies throughout the year and is not always available in many parts of the world. Wind power is a source of energy on both a home and industrial scale.

- Solar energy is significantly reduced at night and when cloudy conditions prevail. Additional energy sources are usually required with solar energy in order to ensure security of supply

- Water power is probably the most consistent of the three energy sources, but is somewhat seasonable and is not practical on a home based scale. Water is definitely not available in many parts of the world

Storing electrical energy in batteries is the way to provide power for those times when a renewable source of electricity generation is not available.

Of the three sources of energy, this article brings some focus to the issue of wind energy and guides you to a web site where you can review ways of building your own cost-effective wind turbine, purchase parts or complete systems for electricity generation from home.

Having a wind powered generator right in your back yard is certainly doable. The amount of electricity generated will depend on the quality and quantity of wind in your location.

A wind generator will range between a complete professionally installed system costing upwards of two thousand dollars to a system you can design and build on your own costing as little as $99 that can generate power up to 1000 watts.

Would like to build your own home made wind turbines? It's sime to start saving or eliminating your current electricity bill.

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