How To Easily Maintain Your Gas Grill To Avoid Common Problems

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Maintaining your gas grill is relatively easy. Spare a few minutes of your time to clean this kitchen equipment and check up its parts to ensure that it will run smoothly the next time you are going to use it.

If you want to avoid common gas grill problems, I highly suggest using the following tips:

1. Do not permanently install your grill outdoors. You should consider dismantling it and storing it in your kitchen compartments especially during heavy rain or snow. This will prevent the materials from turning rusty. Moisture can cause oxidation. Cast iron rusts easily because of oxidation.

2. If you have a bulky and heavy grill and you have no choice but to leave it on the patio or outdoors, you have to use grill covers to protect it from external elements. Purchase water-proof gas grill covers.

3. Clean it after using it. Turn up the heat to the highest setting. Let it work in removing fat drippings for about 15 minutes before turning it off. Let it cool down.

You can use soapy water to remove grease on the exterior of the machine. Make sure you clean the area using sponge to avoid scraping the exterior of the machine. Remove fat, grease and food residues. Once you have cleaned the exterior, soak the sponge in clean water and use it to rinse the machine. Use a dry towel to completely dry the grill.

4. Replace the grate or the burner cover every 2 years. If the grate and the burner cover are made from cast iron or porcelain materials, they usually deteriorate quickly. Replacements are needed to keep the whole equipment running smoothly.

5. Check the connection of the grill and the gas tank. If you are using propane tank, make sure the valve is connected tightly. It should also be connected tightly to the back of the grill.

6. Clean the burner. Check the holes of the burner. If there is dirt stuck in the hole, poke it with a clean rod. This will prevent the machine from failing to ignite.

7. Check the ignition knob. Make sure you can turn it properly. If it is loose, you should have it tightened by a repairman.

8. Change the propane tank to a new one once the exterior has started deteriorating.

9. Replace rusty screws if there are any. Make sure the legs of the grill are still perfectly locked by the screws. If your grill has adjustable legs, the adjustable levers should work seamlessly. You might want to grease the area to loosen up stuck levers.

It is far easier to maintain your gas grill than fix broken parts. So use this guide to keep your grill in top shape.


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