How to Easily Cut Curly Men's Hair

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Whenever tou are cutting curly hair you need to use the proper techniques for each and every hair-type, guaranteeing the end result appears natural and also refined. Curly hair especially can be challenging to cut, because it is thicker and unmanageable. When cut inappropriately, curly hair can look irregular as well as choppy. If you are using suitable cutting methods and equipment, cutting curly hair just requires time and patience.


Items You will need:

* Hair shampoo

* Conditioner

* Thoroughly clean hand towel

* Hair comb

* Hair clips

* Sharpened hairdressing Scissors

* Thinning Scissors

1. Wash and condition your hair ahead of cutting. Make sure you rinse away all of the shampoo and pat the hair dry using a clean bath towel to eradicate any dripping water.

2. Comb the hair, and then separate it in to segments using hair clips. Split the right as well as the left sides, the top and also the back of the head.

3. Unclip 1 facet of the head and separate a 1-inch area between your index and middle finger.

4. Run ones fingertips down the hair, leaving the required length at the rear of your fingertips and the extra protruding out in order to cut. Remember that curly hair seems shorter whenever it dries so with this in mind allow for a couple of additional inches.

5. Cut the tips that are showing between your fingertips using a set of sharpened hairdressing scissors, ensuring to cut the hair straight.

6. Duplicate this sectioning procedure with the whole side of the head, making sure to clip it in place to help keep it out of the way.

7. You then carry out this same cutting method with the other side of the head, the top of your head and finally the rear of the head.

8. Tips & Warnings

Whenever you are cutting hair of any type you must ensure that your hairdressing scissors are razor sharp otherwise split ends along with hair breakage can occur.

For more tips redarding how to cut hair please head over to our website where you can also view some instructional videos as well as browse our range of hairdressing scissors.

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