How to Dye Your Hair at Home

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As women, we generally like to experience the freedom of changing our hair on a regular basis. And this includes the color of our hair as well. The good news is that there are a number of dye kits available at stores that can allow you to try out a wide variety of color options.

Unfortunately, just picking a box with the hair color we want does not always work. For the novice as well as the experienced colorist, there are a number of things to consider. Are you planning a drastic change such as turning a dark hair color (brown, black) to a light blonde? Is your hair very coarse and difficult to dye such as those of African descent? Is your head filled with random gray hair? Every one of these items is worth considering. So let's first begin by making a general rule: if you are seeking to make a dramatic change, it is best to see a professional because this will prevent unwanted colors (orange, green) and will keep you from accidentally over-processing and severely damaging your hair.

As a good rule of thumb, when looking at hair colors, first find your current natural color in the box, then you can safely go up or down (lighter or darker) two or three levels. Also, are you going with a cool or warm hue? This makes a difference because the dyes used for cool tones have a green tint in them, whereas warm colors will have a red tinge. This is important to know because these underlying colors will become evident in your hair when you dye it.

As you look at DIY kits, you will notice there are numbers assigned to each product - 1, 2 or 3. One is non-permanent; it washes out quickly and is best when you want to keep the same color you already have and you are simply trying to freshen it up for a special event. Two is semi-permanent and will require a few washes to get rid of the color effects. It is also primarily used to embolden the color you already possess. Three is permanent; this does not wash out and has the most potential to cause damage to your hair.

Also, never color your hair after washing it. Also after you shampoo remember to let your hair rest for a full day before applying the dye. When washing your hair with shampoo, it removes the natural oil, which in turn makes it prone to damage. You will also want to color your hair before you have it cut. The slight damage to the ends of your hair when you dye it will quickly be snipped off and leave you with clean lines if you wait to get it cut until after you dye it.

The actual process of dying your hair is simple, and your box will come with instructions to follow. Step one is to segregate your hair into 4 parts. Once you have mixed your color solution, begin applying it to the first section of hair, and once it is saturated move on to the next section. Keep going with every section till you are finished, and do not forget to don protective gloves (which will probably be provided in the box). Never leave the processing solution in your hair for longer than the recommended time. Rinse the dye solution out completely and be sure to use the conditioner provided, leaving it on for the full time required. Finally, dry your hair and enjoy!


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