How to Dry a Painted T-Shirt

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Painting a T-Shirt is always a fun experience. When it comes to drying it, make sure you read the instructions on the paint you used and see if it has specific instructions for drying. Two common paints used on T-Shirts are spray paint and acrylic paint. When you are done painting your T-shirt lay it on a flat surface, where it will not be disturbed. Young kids and animals can do harm to your creation, so up high where itís not reachable by them is best. Make sure you stretch it out as far as possible, so the paint doesnít get smudged together. Putting something hard on each sleeve where there is no paint is a good plan, so it stays put. Most paint takes twenty four hours to dry. If a large quality or heavy paint was used it could take longer. In some cases people use hair dryers to make for a faster drying time. If you do choose to do that then make sure it is on the lowest setting possible, because it can make the paint soften if there is too much heat applied to the paint on your T-shirt. If your T-shirt has two sides that need to painted, do one side first and let it dry completely. Once it is fully dry you can then turn it over and paint the other side. Once painted, lay it out flat once again where it canít be reached by anything that could disturb it. Then stretch it out, and put the heavy objects back on it to apply pressure so it wonít move. Let it dry for at least twenty four hours. Once fully dry you are now able to wear your creation. There are different washing directions for different paints, so make sure you read the instructions. Also, make sure you read the instructions on putting the T-Shirt in the dryer after washing it. Some paints might not be durable enough for drying in a dryer. You may need to hand wash and dry the T-shirt.

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