How to Do Facial At Home For Irritated Facial Skin

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Keeping our skin looking young is not that hard a job. If we follow certain treatments and routine regularly, our skin will not betray our true age for a long time. Among various steps to maintain a good, healthy skin, one important step is exfoliation. There are so many ways of exfoliating your skin which include serums, masks and facial peels. When you exfoliate, you remove old dead skin cells from your skinís outermost layer and replace it with new cells.

If you are interested in finding ways of how to exfoliate, you can try chemical peels. These peels are made of natural fruit enzymes, salyic acid and alpha or beta hydroxyl. They reduce acne, increase circulation while exfoliating your skin. You can always use mechanical means of exfoliating your skin like scrubbing with loofah, facial scrubs and pumice.

Learning the process of how to exfoliate is not that hard. All you have to do is get the right things you will need. They include of course a good facial scrub or exfoliant, or a facial peel, or loofah/pumice stone and a face towel.


To exfoliate your face, first wet it with water before applying any kind of facial scrub. Remember, never use hot water when washing you face; but only lukewarm water.

Now take about a dime sized amount of that scrub or exfoliant on your hand. But before you do that, be sure that the exfoliant is suiting your skin type. Then with a gentle circular motion, rub the scrub/exfoliant all over your face, while making sure none of it gets in your eyes.
Pumice stone or loofah can also help in the exfoliation of your face. They will shed away dry areas of your skin while reducing those stubborn blackheads that cause so many problems to an otherwise good skin.

As for how to exfoliate with them, first wash your face as before with tepid water. But this time, make sure you wash more than once with the loofah or stone to get rid of even the smallest amount of residue that is often left behind. Even these minute residues can choke your skinís pores and make it dry.

Lastly, use a soft clean towel to pat dry your face.


If you are interested in knowing other ways of how to exfoliate your skin, peels are a good choice. To use one, first be thorough while cleaning your face. Then take a small quantity of the peel and test it on an area of your skin. If nothing happens, or if small dosage of irritation or redness happens, then it is suitable for your skin. But if you feel excessively itchy, or get a burning sensation or rash, then do not use it.
Your chemical peel will come with a thorough instruction manual. Be sure to follow it properly for getting the best result. Always make sure that it is not applied around your eyes. Also take a note of how long you are supposed to keep it and keep the peel only for that time. If you need, set an alarm.
After the time is over, rinse the peel off from your face and pat dry your face gently with a soft clean towel.

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