How to Diet Healthy

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Dieting is not starving oneself to attain the targeted weight or shape. As the word suggests, it means to improve the quality of food taken in your daily diet. Missing your meals is not a part of a healthy diet plan and does not reduce weight. Instead staying empty stomach for long hours causes acidity and gastric problems which increase flab especially around your waist. You should eat right thing at right time. Certain steps should be followed to maintain a good diet plan and get desired results.
Plan your diet according to your lifestyle. An athlete diet would include more protein than a diet of a housewife. Similarly people sitting in office require less starch and carbohydrates than people going out for field jobs. Make a note of what you eat everyday and count the calories. Compare it with the ideal amount of calories required by you as per your age, height and profession. Count the difference, as it will give you an idea of the calories you need to cut down in your diet. Here are few steps to help you frame a healthy diet plan.

Step1. Start you day with a glass of Luke warm water. Add a teaspoon of honey and teaspoon limejuice. Go for 20 minutes walk or exercise at home.
Step2. Make your breakfast the heaviest meal of the day so that you do not feel the urge to munch all the time. Include milk or juice. Porridge is a good option as it gives you energy and keeps the stomach full. It provides lot of roughage. Cornflakes, oatmeal, fruits, eggs can be included.
Step3. Have lots of water between meals. Have one glass of water before every meal. This will make you eat less.
Step4. When you sit for lunch, have a bowl of curd and a bowl of salad first. When you are finished with the two get started with the rest of the menu. This will take care of protein, calcium and vitamin deficiencies in your body. At the same time you will feel full already and have less of bread or rice.
Step5. Have a cup of herbal tea in the evening without sugar. If you feel like munching something have 2 biscuits or a slice of brown bread with a thick slice of cottage cheese. Avoid butter.

Step6. No curd at night. Make your dinner the lightest meal of all. Have soup before dinner and then 1 slice of bread/chapatti will be more than enough.
Don't give a long gap between meals, as it will make your stomach empty and lead to overeating. 4 hours gap is ideal between every meal.
Step7. Go for a walk/stroll for 20 minutes.
Step8. Keep one weekend meal for your favorite food. But add only on favorite item, which means that on Sunday nights you can have as much ice cream, or pizza, or cheeseburger etc, as much as you want. But do not have all items in one day. Leave some for the next weekend!
Step9. End you day with a hot cup of milk.
Follow this plan religiously and see the results. Best of luck!

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