How To Decrease Your Communications Costs with Medical Answering Services

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Doctor’s offices and hospitals often experience large amounts of patient phone calls, which can be difficult to answer efficiently, especially during busy periods. Staffing and communications costs can quickly add up! Your doctor’s office or hospital can benefit from the help of medical answering services—these services manage the large volume of phone calls health service providers receive, helping to free up staff and save time and money.

Medical answering services are no longer considered a luxury for doctor’s offices or hospitals—it’s essential to keep a line of communication open between the patient and health service provider at all times, especially after hours, on holidays, and on weekends. Medical answering services can assist with appointment scheduling and modification, appointment reminders and follow up calls. These services can also serve as an emergency contact for patients after hours.

Good medical answering services act as a platform for the health service provider and the patient, working with entire hospitals, in-hospital clinics, after-hour clinics and hospital-owned practices in hospitals across the country. These services can design answering programs to fit your individual needs and budget.

Medical answering services provide a range of services that help save your office time and money. Professional operators will answer all calls in your name, providing consistent service all day, everyday. You will be able to call in for messages toll free anytime, or have them faxed or emailed to you for free. The monthly rate for medical answering services includes daily faxing or emailing of messages. Operators provide bilingual service, and will accept text messaging to cell phones, Blackberries and other handheld devices. You will be able to customize the service to fit your needs, providing operators with customized scripting on every account. Medical answering services provide automated on-call scheduling, automated first-ring pick-up with your personalized greeting, automated check-in and check-out, and caller ID on every message.

Outsourcing your telephone answering needs can save your doctor’s office or hospital significant time and money. Check online to compare answering services, and to view exactly what medical answering services can provide for your doctor’s office or hospital.

Christen Ronchetti is a freelance writer for Anserve America, the largest New Jersey business answer service. Anserve handles more hospitals than any other answering service in the country. We provide state-of-the-art doctor answering services and medical answering services throughout the United States and overseas. Learn more at

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