How to deal with the postdisaster reconstruction of New Zealand

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Faced with these issues, it is nesesary for the corporation to get some solutions. The first solution was quickly reopening the business. Powell (2010, 54) reported that after a main natural calamity it is significant that businesses reopen rapidly in order to provide proceeds and employment to dwellers, and help the restoration process. A variety of issues face a organization whose business district is damaged by a disaster, including the loss of proceeds from business rates or the possible loss of large and essential employers. If businesses are compelled to close for a long circle of time, they are hardly to recover in the long-term. The earthquake took a heavy hit for the business, as a consequence, it is urgent to reopen the business quickly to provide the employment to dwellers, at the same time, to attarct talents to join in the rebuilding. If the business can reopen in a short time, it would be a opportunity to recover soon.
The second solution was to make strategic to attract talents. The goals of strategy is to sustain a position of benefit by doing with an corporate strengths and reducing its weaknesses to the least. Therefore, corportions need to develop strategies to cope with these external factors if they are to escape a corresponsive, short-term apporach to management. Equally, internal factors such as the capability of an corporate human resources, its degree of management knowledge and its configuration and culture can each be a source of strength or weakness. Strengths in HRM will capacitate an corporation to better attract, hold and stimulate quality employees (Stone, 2010, 14). Graham (2006, 339) said that employees relate to the HR careerman is for both standard and helpful reasons. From an ethical viewpoint, HR and other careermen should respect human rights in performing their professional duties. As a concequence, a strategy which can attract the talents to stay and rebuild distress areas is emergency. A consummate strategy would make the recovering easier.

The third thing that the companies should do is to set up a new human resource information management system. Stone (2010, 82) reported that HR managers are under adding tension to become strategic business comrades, to help the corporation better reply to the dares of redundancy, regrouping and global competition by providing value-added contributions to the success of the business. HRM must work more quickly, be more precise and be more rewarding. A HRIMS has become a crucial tool for coordinating HR information into the corporate business policy and for proving the positive contribution that HR can make to the bottom line through the more available and efficient management of the corporate human resources. An ancient HRIMS would both hinder HRM and corporate performance. Cieri (2003, 162) reported that an efficient human resource planning system is dependent on responsible and available information about corporate present and possible workforce. Collings (2009, 8) said that it is also significant in helping to distinguish strategic talent management from strategic human resource management. Walker (1996, 1) claimed that the newest HR management system afford an affecting array of characteristics, from HR planning modules that analyze abilities within the corporation, to benefits computation modules that allow emploees to figure out the value of their retirement benefits. It is evident hat HR managers should reseat their role form an information source to a strategic resource. The crucial precedence for a successful HRIMS is to assure that it is to matched with the corporate strategic business and HRM purposes. After the earthquake, the New Zealand business need to set up a new human resource information management system emergency to adapt the new situation.

A training policy was also in a need of setting up. Stone (2010, 339) claimed that HRM policies dispose with supplement, training, advancement rewards, benefits, containing, and health and safety are positively related to corporate performance. Training and development seem to show a information to employees that it is in the best interest of the corporation to let them stay. Available training makes a real diversity to corporate performance by developing highly trained and skilled employees. Together with a strategy of advancement from within training boosts a sense of fairness and justice, making people fell more safe in their jobs. It is evident that people would feel unsafe after the earthquake. New Zealand is famous for travelling. Baum (1993, 96) said that the service industry, including a wide extent of services, employs labour from an equally diverse spread of vocation. A training policy which can make people feel safe is necessary in the period of time. The government could make the policy that is advantageous to attract the talents, for example, more preferential policy for the remaining talents.
In conclusion, we know that the earthquake brought a number of issues to the New Zealand’s businesses. Because of the hit caused by the earthquake, nearly 66 percent of New Zealand businesses were influenced by the Christchurch earthquakes, with almost one-fifths of those suffering a long-term hit from the disaster. As a consequence, it would be a lack of talents and acdemic standards. In a word, it is a worse environment for the business development and there is a trend that the talents would move abroad to search an opportunity of development. Thus, in order to recover the business soon, it is emergency for the government to solve these issues consummately. Quickly recovering business reopen, strategy to attract talents, HRIMS and training policies are some main solutions of all the solutions. In general, the government must make the strategy appropriate to the businesses in the period of time. If the government could make an appropriate strategy to attract the talents and recover businesses reopen rapidly, the loss of the earthquake would be reduced and the businesses would recover gradually.

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