How To Cut Your Own Hair

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The layered hair cut is one of the most popular hair styles and can be done with any type of hair whether it is short, medium, straight, curly or wavy. Follow these steps to learn how to cut hair in layers.
Shampoo and condition your hair, dry with a towel and leave it a slightly damp. Donít cut your hair dry as it is harder to cut and it will blunt your scissors. Make sure that you use sharp hairdressing scissors and keep your hair damp throughout the whole process.
Start by combing all your hair straight back.
Make a small section of hair as though you are going to cut bangs, but continue the section down your face to the front of your ears. The rest of your hair must be combed right back to keep it out of your way.
Bring the top section hair forward and down over your eyes. Use your nose as a measure for length, cut the section of hair straight across to just the outer edges of your eyes. Your starting cut must be at the end of your nose but never higher than the bridge of your nose. You will now have a straight line from the outside edge of one eye to the other. This line is the length guideline for cutting the rest of your hair. And, of course, if you make your first cut further down your nose your final haircut will be longer.

Now comb the section you have just cut straight up. Hold your hair between your index finger and your middle finger in a scissor-like grip and snip off the tips of this section. You are trying to get a straight line while the hair is held straight up. If you cut too much off, you will result in a shorter haircut. It is always best to cut a little than a lot. You can always cut more later.
Comb the sides of the section straight up vertical taking with it some of the hair you have just cut. You will easily see how the sides are longer than the previously cut section. Using the bangs cut as your guide, and holding the side sections straight up, make your next cut straight across. When you let the hair down you will see that it falls nicely into layers.
Section off another small amount of hair, with your comb, from ear to ear combing it forward and keeping the rest of your hair straight back. Comb the new section of hair straight up vertical, bringing with it the first section as your cutting guide. You will see where the first section was cut and where the new section needs to be cut. Cut the second section evenly with the first section. Pull the side sections straight up again to cut it even with the bang area.

Continue to section and pull the hair straight up and cut across using the previous cuts as the guideline. Donít section off too much hair at once as you will not be able to see your previously cut section. Continue sectioning and cutting all the way to the back of your head, pulling each section up until you have sectioned and cut all of your hair.
Donít tilt your scissors when cutting as you will make your hair longer on one side. When cutting the top section of your hair ensure you keep hair at the previous guideline cut. It is easy to make the mistake of cutting shorter and shorter the farther back you go.
If you choose to cut your own hair you will save hundreds of dollars every year. And if you cut family and friends hair you would be saving thousands of dollars every year.

Actually learning how to cut hair your own hair in layers is fun and easy.
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