How To Cut Your Own Hair?

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If you are feeling adventurous, or only searching for a way to save a few bucks each month, an option you may have debated doing is cutting your own hair. With the cost of Beauty Shops rising, you can find that you're now paying up to $200 to get your hair cut and maybe even more to get it professionally styled.

Acting as your own hairdresser demands the precise tools and a lot of practice before you get it right and will be challenging depending on the current length of your hair and the way you want to cut your hair. If you are frankly concerned about doing damage, its best to get your hair cut at a beauty shop then do the upkeep yourself for the months that follow. If you are ready to dive head first into cutting your own hair, this guide will assistance. Always remember: Hair grows back, and in case of mishap, wear a hat!

Required tools/materials:

1. Sharp scissors

2. Two mirrors (Hand mirror and a wall mounted mirror)

3. Combs, Brush

4. Shampoo/ Conditioner and detangler (If needed)

5. Towels

6. Old t-shirt

7. News Paper / Garbage bag


Step one:

Wash hair well and condition thoroughly. Use detangler if you have full or wavy hair to make drying and combing out easier.

Step two:

Dry hair thoroughly using a towel or blow dryer.

Step three:

lay news paper or garbage bag on the floor of the bathroom and on the old t-shirt.

Step four:

Determine the length of your cut and use a feature as mark. For example, chin length, shoulder length just below the ears etc.

Step five:

For an straight cut: comb your hair out and let it settle as naturally as possible. Separate hair into 3 sections getting a center part that stops in the center of your head and then a part that runs from ear to ear.

Step six:

Cut one side at a time, dividing the hair into small sections cutting and then duplicating small strands with the length that was cut before. Continue this on the other side and for the back, using the mounted mirror and handheld to checkout your progress.

Step seven:

For an at-home layered look: comb all your hair forward and then slowly cut a exact line across the ends. The hair closest to your forehead will be the shortest and will increase in length as it moves towards the back. This cut will conceal accidents the best when cutting your own hair.

Tips and Warnings:

1. Always use extremely sharp scissors or professional hair stylist scissors as a dull pair will cause split ends

2. Ensure that you cut your hair when it is dry. This is particularly true if you have wavy and thick hair. Hairstylists know how damp hair dries but if you don t have any past experience there s a greater possibility that your cut will be off.

3. Keep combing through your hair as you cut, this way there won t be accidents due to tangled areas

4. Persons with extremely curly hair may wish to flat iron or otherwise straighten their hair before cutting

5. Be prepared to pay to get your attempt rectified the first time you cut your hair alone.

6. Get help: If you want an super short cut, it may get intricate once you reach the back of your head. Ask a friend or family member for help in these areas if you're having difficulty reaching or are incable of seeing clearly with both mirrors.

7. Always remember that hair grows back so don t worry about it if your style doesn't come out perfectly.

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