How to Cultivate the Good Character of Children?

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Someone says, character decides destiny. Although it is not quite right, it also has certain truth. A personís character is formed from the childhood. In order to let the children have a good personality, how should parents cultivate from childhood? Here are some strategies for all parents:

Treat children patiently

How much patience do parents need to treat children, only the parents understand. Parents should use the max patience to satisfy the kidís reasonable requirement. The child is actually parentsí shadow, what attitudes you treat towards children, this attitude also will stain into a part of the character. However, the patience actually is limited, so parents also need to let children bear some patience and waiting, even if their demand is very reasonable.

Suit the action to the word

You might think: the child is young, the accidental cheating doesnít matter. Actually it is important.
Try to be consistent, avoid causing chaos of childrenís thinking and judgment. You should give the same standard in handling the same event. Perhaps you will forget your inconsistencies, but the children would never forget. As time passes, you will find your command is difficult to implement. Is the child capricious? Actually it is your fault.

Not to leave your willingness to impose on children

Every child has his own emotions, even though parents do not have the right to ask them do as what you intend to do, even if you are for him. Let children do as they wish, the children not only are happy and optimistic, still can cultivate independent character.

To ignore childrenís unreasonable demands

If children put forward unreasonable demands, or put forward reasonable requests, you canít satisfy. If they cry endlessly, do you also want to satisfy them? Just the reverse, for a childís unreasonable demands, you must not satisfy them, and also cannot compromise for one time. Otherwise you will only make the same unpleasant event again.

To let children share a bit of responsibility

Maybe you will be surprised, so little children, what responsibility do you let them assume? In fact, childrenís sense of responsibility should be cultivated since childhood. Children should cultivate from start doing things themselves and set up responsibility sense of responsibility.

The childís character is brought up in daily life. As parents you should try to explore more, make the child become a popular people with high EQ.

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