How to create younger eyes with clever make up

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Look younger with our expert make up advice
The delicate skin around your eyes is the first to show signs of ageing, fatigue and a less than healthy lifestyle. Our expert tips will take years off your eyes.
A fine line
Moisture loss through the skin is the main cause of fine lines around the eyes. But there are ways to disguise the lines that are already there.
What to do...Apply eye cream or concealer with your ring finger to gently pat the cream into the skin. The warmth from your fingers will help to melt the product into the skin.Try placing a little powder on the centre of your eyelid to create wide-awake eyes, making them appear bigger and the lines smaller.
In the dark
Dark circles can be genetic or caused by our lifestyle choices but can be covered to make you look younger and less tired.
What to do...
Always check your concealer blends into your foundation, matching the same tone as your skin. The secret is to go for colour-correcting make-up. If you have blue around your eyes, choose peach tones; if red, go for yellow.When using a concealer, choose a lightweight moisturiser (gel-like hyaluronic acid eye creams are perfect) to keep your skin looking fresh. Panda eyes will only enhance dark circles. If you end up with black panda eyes, it may be due to the shape of your lashes. "Curling your lashes can help or only applying mascara to top lashes and tinting the bottom ones" says w&h make-up artist Charlotte Foster-Brown.

Bright eyes
Crying, rubbing, allergies, late nights, smoke and pollution can make your eyes feel dry and irritated, causing them to look red, sore and even appear swollen.
What to do...
Prep your skin to prevent eyeshadow creasing. Cleanse the eye area and apply a base. Then use powder shadow in a neutral, matte skin tone to keep make-up in place. Apply sparingly and then fingerprint a creamy sheen on the centre of your lids.Hide redness at the corners of your eyes caused by crying, rubbing and allergies by using a sheer concealer. Apply with a fine tip - either a concealer pen, such as Clarins, or by dipping a fine brush in a good cream concealer. Then apply a matte skin tone eyeshadow all over your eyelids to even out veins and redness.

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