How to Create a Logo Design from Start till the End!

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The process of designing a new logo design for a company isnít as easy as some people think. It entails a comprehensive and elaborative procedure of analyzing, developing and implementing a corporate identity. Some misconceive logo designing with art drawing and sketching. But the sketch work is just a single part of the logo design process.
Right from the information gathering to the execution phase, there are several stages involved in the creation of a logo design. Many of the novice and newbie logo designers are unaware of the entire process and sometimes skip a vital step. So let us take a journey of how logos are created from start till the end:
1. Logo Design Brief:
The pre-design stage of a logo design involves writing a complete and comprehensive logo design brief. This is the job of the logo designer to collect all possible details regarding the project beforehand. In a brief, questions like elements of a logo, budget, deadline and other details. Make sure that you write each and every design requirements of your client since it is the client you have to satisfy in the end.

2. Research:
After the briefing is complete, the logo designer moves onto the research and exploration stage. In this step, the logo designer tries to perform a thorough research on the company, its industry, its competitors and the current design trends in the market. Sometimes the process of investigation becomes exhaustive but you must be certain to collect all the information you require in your logo design project.
3. Idea Generation:
When you are done assimilating all the necessary facts regarding the company, you start the creative process. A logo designer uses a brainstorming approach to dish out all the possible ideas and notions from their brain onto the paper. After all the creativeness and resourcefulness has been doled out, you start filtering the ideas to select the best one.
4. Rough Sketches:
Before you start using Photoshop or Illustrator for your logo design, you must go through the sketching phase. This is because what looks good on screen may not look good on paper. Hence you must start designing on paper. This will also save you time in revisions.

5. Covert to Digital Format:
After the final sketch of the logo design is prepared, now is the time to switch on your computer. Scan the sketches onto the computer and convert them into Illustrator files to work on. Now give the final touches to the logo design by adding the effects and color. Save the .AI and .EPS files for further revision.
6. Final Client Review:
Before you can take a deep breath of relief, you must finalize your logo design with your client. After all, it is the client you will approve the design. Show the project files to the client and be ready for any further revisions or amendments. When the client gives you the green signal, you are completed with your logo design project.

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