How to Create a Cat Costume?

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Creating your childís Halloween costume on your own is the best option especially that you are hoping to save money. Moreover, this costume is just easy to make and so you shouldnít feel any difficulty while making it. If you want to create a cat costume, you need to prepare and some things to come up with one.

Things Needed to Make Your Cat Costume

To create a cat costume, you only need a few things. These are as follows: 1 black sweatshirt, 1 pair of black sweatpants, a black headband, 1 yard of black felt, 1 yard of white felt, 1 yard of fake fur trim, face paints, 1 square of pink felt, pillow stuffing, and fabric glue.

Creating Your Cat Costume

This is the phase where you will be creating your cat costume. First thing to do is cut out a circle of white felt which is for the stomach of your cat. Then, determine the size of stomach of your sweatshirt. Cut out the white felt circle. Then stick it on by using fabric glue.

When youíre done with modifying your sweatshirt, you have to add a tail to the seat of your black pants. To come up with a tail, cut out a long piece of black felt which is approximately 6 inches wide and 2 feet long. Fold over the fabric in half lengthwise. Make use of your fabric glue to fasten the long edge and the short ends too. Rotate the cat tail inside out and fill it up with some cotton fluff.

Then, fold in the open edges and bond them together with more glue. You can now make the ears for your costume. Cut out two triangles from a black felt. Cut two smaller triangles from the pink felt. These are to be used for the insides of the ears. Stick the pink felt triangles in the center of the black felt pieces. Now, you already have your catís ears.

To finish up the cat costume, just cut out 5 pieces of fluffy fake fur. Have two pieces of these cover the wrists of the sleeves. The other two should cover the ankles of the pants. The last one should be glued right out of the costume. That way, itís visible. So, thatís all there is to it!

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