How to Correctly Cut Your Own Bangs

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The materials needed are a pair of sharp, haircut scissors, tooth styling comb, clips to hold hair and mirror with stand.


Pick a portion of your hair to be cut-off. Place your hair on the sides of your hair or use a rubber band to tie it off in your back. Decide how much you want to cut on your bangs. Use the exterior portion of your eyebrows to decide where the cut will stop. Use comb to let down the desired amount of hair that you want to cut.

Gather the hair that you will cut into bangs in the middle portion of your face. If you want the length of your bangs to be just below the line of your eyebrows, hold the portion of hair at your nose bridge. Twist it three to four times while continuing to hold the piece of hair in the middle of your hair at the total length that you want.

Hold the hair with your hand that is non-dominant and use the dominant hand to cut it at the length that you want. Twisting it will permit for additional length that is being pulled while you are securing it with your hand and will also give you a "soft look". The bangs will just fall to your desired length after cutting it with the side portions being longer than the middle portion.


Hair does not normally stretch so you have to comb it before cutting it. Use your fingers as a cutting guide. Mark the cutting point of your bangs beginning at your ears until the exterior portion of your eyebrows. You can also partition your bangs into different parts and twist each part. Clip each portion below the eyebrows.

Do not move your eyebrows while creating your bangs because you might accidentally cut your eyebrows off. If you possess a thin hair, you have moistened your hair before cutting it so that you have only separated your bangs. Use a comb to bring it down on your forehead. Twist it around.

With your non-dominant hand, hold it to where the bangs will stop. Use your dominant hand to hold the scissors to cut the bangs. If you want to curl your bangs with the help of roller, leave an additional length. If you possess a curly hair, leave an additional length. After each cut, permit your hair to return to its original shape so that you can see its length before you proceed cutting it.

If you have curly hair, hold the haircut scissors at an angle of forty-five degrees to allow the hair on the outer edge of the hair curl to be longer compared with their hair on the interior portion of the hair curl. This will make the curls constantly stay together.


Remember to only a small portion of your bangs if you are just a beginner. Be mindful when using the haircut scissors near your eyes. You can also ask another individual to help you if you do not want to make any mistakes.

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