How to Control Anger among Kids and Parents

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Parents often get angry on their kids and sometimes they even feel hard to control their anger. One of them gives a statement: "Sometimes they make me shout at them badly showing them hate and losing my temper"

When parents are in emotional conditions, they hardly go through any problem and they get frustrated all the time. The power to focus and concentrate goes down and down. Parents need to be very calm and cooperative towards their children and they need to find out ways to control anger.

First we should be able to develop a skill to control our own anger that will bring satisfaction in our life and boost our potential to manage things. It will first alert us that we are going to be angry. Observing our body reaction will tell us better:

  • Are you losing patience?

  • Are you breathing too fast?

  • Does your face get red?

These signs will tell that a feeling of anger is nearly enforced on us. Now try to control this feeling by deep breathing, by talking to yourself or change the state of motion. Or, you can also communicate to yourself through words which can be relaxing.

Anger will be always a reaction to the event we face for example taunt, doubts or an unsuccessful discussion. It may also be a result of deficiencies we have or when our desires and needs are not fulfilled. Unfortunately, instead of focusing and realizing them we start looking on other people who are enjoying the same. It causes more desperation and then we start getting angry. It may cause various problems which will be not positive for our personality.

Next is how to control the situation when our kid is behaving too aggressively? First, try to ensure the protection of everyone who is playing his role in the situation. Then after ensuring the protection of everyone, carefully observe his angry feelings, try to conceive the truth which angry kid has in his heart. Now show a positive reaction which can control the situation effectively.

For younger kids, it often works and also filters their mind from inappropriate thoughts. Younger kids are not too difficult to handle especially if they realize that we care and respect them. For others who are having constant behaviors may require calming techniques mentioned earlier.

Keep a friendly relation with kids, participate in their entertainment time like guide them which book is more entertaining for them. For example there are comic books which is a good resource for educating kids for many of their concerning matters. Comic books for kids like batman comics, superman comics, educational comic books, also you can buy medical comic books for giving diseases awareness for kids.

I am sure that by educating kids for their health and growth, we let them develop positive thinking approach to control their life effectively.


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