How to contain itchy skin and Puffy eyes that happen due to Allergy

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If you are suffering from under eye bags since last few months or years, you may be confused about the reason behind them. It could be due to some allergy or even due to reaction to cosmetics or cleansing soap that we use daily.

Allergies can occur due to many reasons and you can’t cant rule out the role of allergens in compounding this problem under eye bags. Here we are discussing few tips that can help you in figuring out the reasons for this condition.

Do you feel itchy? Usually the effected parts are arms, legs and armpits but it can appear elsewhere too. In case you feel a rash or something like that, you should immediately get in touch with doctor to ascertain the cause. If necessary, doctor may start medication for curing the problem. This condition can be an indication of your intolerance to certain chemicals found in soaps, cosmetics and fragrances.

You can easily check this by switching over to natural ingredients based soaps, cosmetics and other skin products such as eye creams that you use daily. In case the symptoms of under eye bags decrease, you can be sure that these chemicals were the culprits and you should take appropriate steps to route them out from your daily routine. You should switch over to soaps made using natural olive oils that contain no chemicals.

If your skin is not fragile, you can try loofah brush for removing dead skin tissues, improving circulation and massaging the affected skin areas. You should use this brush with gently on neck and décolletage. However, you should not use it on your face and use a special face brush instead.

Aside from this, you should drink plenty of water daily for reducing baggy eyes. The problem of puffy eyes increase when person remain dehydrated as body starts storing water as a defense against dehydration resulting in the appearance of puffy eyes.
Sometimes contact lenses can also cause irritation in eyes and may also cause puffiness. So in case you wear them, check if this is the problem. You should strictly follow the instructions for using your eye products. Wearing contact lenses for long durations than what is recommended can cause permanent damage.

You should never play with your body as this could endanger your overall health in the long run. If you are in doubt, you should seek the help of doctor. By easing the niggling symptoms you can easily save yourself of bigger problems later on.

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