How to connect all of my phones to VoIP

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There are several instances of people who originally had VoIP for their home connections now wishing to expand the facility to the entire house. This will make VoIP for the entire premises use much more purposeful, rather than using only one or two phones and having a somewhat truncated service. This is not difficult to achieve and can be done after fulfilling some basic formalities. The basic steps to connect the house phone wiring to the VoIP would be to discontinue your current service with your present telecom facility.

Disconnect the previous telecom's wires from connecting with the home's wires at the Network Interface Box or Demarc (short for demarcation). This box may be located on the side of the house, usually close to the cable TV box and power. This is the box where the telecom's wires come from outside and connect with the wires in the house.

Many demarc boxes have two sections, one where you have access to your premises' section and the other meant for telecom company access. You will have to identify and disconnect each of the telephone company's lines that connect with the house lines. The disconnection has to be done properly lest any voltage entering the premises can interfere with the VoIP service and damage the equipments.

It is also necessary to wrap each disconnected wire with insulation tape as a safety measure. Then Connect the VoIP RJ-11 cable from the phone jack of the ATA to a wall jack in the house. In certain cases there may be a RJ-11 connecter used to connect the house wires with the streets wires. In such a case, unplug the RJ-11 connector. It is advisable that you should check with a meter for any voltage that may be present across the terminals for the in-home wiring.

After completely disconnecting the previous telecom's lines from your house lines at the demarc, tit is preferable to test with one of the phones connected to a wall jack inside the house to make sure it is completely dead. Make sure there are no voltages present before closing the box securely. If you are not confident of doing any or all of these, it is better to hire the services of a competent telecom technician.

Now the stage is for your connecting the VoIP to the house wiring. For this, take a telephone cable and connect one end into the ATA's phone port and the other end into a telephone wall jack. Then go to a phone that is plugged into another wall jack and check for dial tone. Once you have the dial tone, you will be able to communicate and make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls without hindrance.

When choosing to connect the VoIP to the premises' phone wiring you will have to consider certain a few more important points:

  • Find out if there is a phone wall plug close to the proximity of the VoIP ATA. Or else, you will have to install a phone line and wall plug unless you wish to use a cordless phone.

  • If you have more than one current phone line, you will have several phone circuits inside the premises. You will need to connect to the correct phone circuit in order to have the VoIP distribute correctly.

  • If you want to have a phone by the ATA as also distribute it throughout the premises, you can accomplish this by using a two-way phone splitter.

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