How to Combat Dieting Pitfalls

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We’ve all been there: we need to shed pounds fast to get into a new dress or impress a new love interest or because our doctor has told us we need to control our weight. Looking for a way to lose weight, we opt for a weight loss program with amazing results in just one week – easy diet, healthy low carb weight loss guaranteed, burn fat in no time – and after one week and seven nervous breakdowns later, we’ve shed just one pound and are back to keeping the local take-away in business. The pitfalls of following a diet are manifold:

Setting an unrealistic goal for losing weight in too short a time is the first mistake. We still need energy to go to work, do our household chores, play with the dog/kids and romance our partner. Cutting down on calories to such an extent that we get headaches and wobbly knees are not the way to lose weight but a recipe for disaster. Finding out first what our ideal weight should be and how we can maintain it, once achieved, are the first steps.

Another dieting pitfall is the repetitive nature of some ,. It is painful cutting down on portions and leaving out snacks, so do we really need a diet consisting of nothing but cabbage soup for a week followed by a cleansing diet of 3 cups of water with a spoonful of honey? Boredom with what we see on our plate will soon send us back to foraging in the fridge for a tastier, if less nutritional day-to-day diet. Striking the right balance between healthy eating and enjoyment of food can be tricky, but help is at hand from a number of free sources.

Look for online services provided by your local health authority or visit your doctor’s office for leaflets on dieting and healthy eating. Ask your librarian for books on nutrition and easy diet recipes that a budding chef can follow. Be on the look out for free recipes using low fat foods – your local supermarket is a good source of free information.

Avoid falling for fads: today’s fat burning nutritional programs may well turn into tomorrow’s eat as many carbs as you can stuff into your mouth gimmicks. Losing weight and controlling weight are a long term commitment, requiring changes in our attitude and behaviour towards food.

Finally, if you simply cannot stick to a diet for more than two days, but need to lose weight fast for health reasons, ask around for advice on hypnotherapy, which can claim some astonishing results when it comes to combating pounds and inches.

By looking at the underlying reasons for our over-eating we can avoid the main pitfall of most diets: a build-up of frustration at our inability to overcome our own weakness and subsequent loss of confidence in our ability to succeed.

Using sources which teach you how to follow a healthy eating regime with a balanced approach helps you avoid all the pitfalls of diets!

Included in a starter kit for permanent weight loss and vibrant health is a diet plan for weight control using meal plans and easy recipes. Bonuses like these will help you to gain control of your weight and be a guide to help you avoid any dieting pitfalls that may prevent you from having that body you want and deserve.

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