How to Clean Your Grill and BBQ Chimney

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Cleaning your grill and BBQ chimney can be quite a tough job especially if you are not really so fond with scrapping dirt and grease off your grill and BBQ chimney. No, cleaning up greasy stuff is never fun but you cannot just leave your grill without cleaning after you are done cooking.

Dirt grill attracts a lot of germs and bacteria so make sure that you clean your grill and BBQ chimney after using it. You don't really want your family to get sick because you were too lazy to clean up your grill and BBQ chimney after you are done cooking. To help you go about the task of cleaning your grill and BBQ chimney after cooking, here are some easy steps for you.

Cleaning Your Grill Grate

After cooking, let the grill let the coal die out and your grill cool down before you start cleaning. This should give you enough time to eat your dinner with your whole family in peace. Take your time and eat your barbecue. The tough business of cleaning your grill can wait until you are done eating. After eating, check the grill and make sure that it is cool enough for you to start cleaning.

To clean the grill grate, use a stiff brush to brush off food residue from the grate. After brushing the grate, coat it with thin film of oil. The oil will help loosen up whatever food remnants that may cling on the grates. If you want, you may fire up the grill for about five minutes to incinerate any food remnants in the grill.

This way, you can keep your grill clean and ready to use anytime. Moreover, firing your grill for a few minutes will ensure that your grill is totally dry when you store it. Note that moisture will cause your grill to rust to make sure that everything is dry before you store your grill in it s proper place.

Cleaning Your BBQ Chimney

You do not really need to clean your BBQ chimney every after cooking. The grease and dirt that collects on your BBQ chimney will not really affect the taste of your food so there is no need to brush your chimney every time you use your grill. When should you clean your chimney? The best way to determine when your chimney needs cleaning is to check the inside of the chimney periodically for thick grease and dark soot.

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