How to Choose the Perfect Artist to Complete Your Tattoos

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Even more important than choosing the perfect design, is choosing the right tattoo artist. No matter how beautiful or unique a design is, if it is not done by a skilled artist, the tattoo will not be as captivating as it could be.

Choosing a great tattoo artist can be difficult. Most cities only have a limited number of artists and it takes a great deal of talent, time, and experience to truly master the art. Fortunately, when following these five tips, potential clients can learn how to select the skilled artists to create their tattoos and leave them with body art that they will appreciate for the rest of their lives.

Five Steps to Choosing the Best Tattoo Artists:

1. One of the best ways to find out about a talented tattoo artist is by word of mouth. If you happen to notice someone with a great tattoo, ask them where they got it and who their artist was. Most people with truly exquisite tattoos are more than happy to spread the word about a talented artist. Even if the artist is a few hours away, it will be worth the trip if you leave with a masterpiece that you love. It is also important to understand that tattoo artistry is not a common career choice and expert artists can be difficult to find. Therefore, when you find an artist that you know does good work, it may be necessary to travel, in order to get the quality that you want.

2. Make sure that the tattoo artist is committed to proper sanitation. If you walk into a tattoo parlor and get the feeling that the artists may not be following the correct sanitation policies, it is best to avoid risking your health. Check with the Department of Public Health to make sure that the specific parlor has had no record of sanitation issues in the past.

3. Before selecting a tattoo artist, bring him or her a few pictures or ideas and ask them to draw you an original design. This will give you a good idea of the artist’s skill level and their creative ability. While you are visiting with the artist, also take a look at their previous work. An experienced artist will offer their clients an impressive and expansive portfolio of their past designs. The quality of the artist’s portfolio is the best indication of the quality that you will receive.

4. Shopping for the best tattoo artist is no time to bargain hunt. With tattoos, you pay for the quality that you receive. A beautiful tattoo done by a highly skilled artist will not be cheap. However, it is important to remember that a tattoo is an investment that will last you a lifetime. Therefore, it is important to invest your money, as well as your time, into finding the best possible artist and receiving a tattoo that you will love and cherish for years to come.

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