How to Choose a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

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It was not that long ago that cell phones did not exist. And even when they first hit the scene, there were not that many people who actually had one. Our first mobile phones relied on our cars for power through the cigarette lighter. When the 2G cellular phones (Second Generation) were introduced in 1991 and that is when we went completely mobile with small handheld wireless cell phones.

When cell phones first hit the scene they were very expensive due to the limited number of providers and the limited number of towers transmitting signals. Today we are able to get service for a lot less but with all the other additional services we need, such as email, music downloading, browsing capabilities and text messaging, the bills can still be high. Sometimes the bill can get out of hand and for those who have a hard time budgeting, there is another solution.

Prepaid phones allow you to prepay the bill in the amount that you think you would reasonably spend, or in the amount that you can afford to spend. By paying it upfront, you only have that amount on your card to use. Once the minutes have been used up, the phone is becomes inactive. There are ways to track the daily usage and better manage your calls. This is great for people who tend to go overboard with phone calls and text messaging. It forces you to be more aware of your minutes and cuts your phone bill down significantly.

Prepaid cells also work well for those who have damaged credit ratings. For some it can be impossible to get a contract with one of the main providers. Without that contract, you have a phone but no service. The service providers require a credit check before they will sign you. With a prepaid cell, anyone can have a cell phone.Since you prepay each month, there is no need for a credit check.

There are certain distributors that offer the cell phone for free with a 1 or 2 year contract. With a prepaid cell phone, you will not be able to take advantage of the free phone, however you will save much more money by managing your spending to make up for the cost. Additionally, you will have a cell phone, when your credit may have been denied for a contract.

In today's world, everyone should have a phone for safety reasons and for staying connected to our business associates. It has become the norm and you are expected to have a cell phone as a professional in this world.

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