How to choose a good portable gas grill

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Nowadays, people hardly use charcoal grill because of the inconvenience it cause. Anyone can easily list out here some of the most annoying problems when using a charcoal grill. Therefore, portable gas grill is the best choice. But do you know how to choose a good portable gas grill? If you don't, you will want to know these tips before buying a new one.
1. Consider the size: You may think the bigger is always the better. However, that is not completely true. When buying a new gas grill, you should know how many people you are going to serve. If you plan to serve small party, you shouldn't choose a big one. It's because the big grill will consume much more fuel and space than the small one.
2. Choose the multi-functional grill: When buying grills, many people go for simple ones because they are cheap. However, I recommend you shouldn't do so. You may think that there are many functions of a modern gas grill you will never use. That's the mistake I made once and I regretted doing so. Always go for a multi-functional grill because one day you will use the functions that you've never thought you will.

3. Choose the prestigious brands: As you may know, there are many grill producers. However, there are good and not good grill producers. In my experience, the best grills are made from Weber. Brinkman and George Foreman grills are also good but Weber's grills are by far the best.
After reading this article, you will find that buying a good portable gas grill is not as hard as you may think. Now you can go to the stores and pick a new gas grill for your upcoming barbecue party.

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