How to buy the right beauty products

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Beauty products are available in more options that one can imagine, but the problem arises when these choices get too confusing, which is a very frequent case nowadays. Following is a brief guide regarding how to make the right choice.

Foundation: As the name represents, foundation is the 'base' of all other kinds of make-up. It is applied after the concealer, and before applying powder. Its basic purpose is to give a smooth skin surface upon which other make-up can be put on to give the best possible look. The first consideration while choosing the foundation is to know one's skin type. The foundation needs to blend in with the skin so that others might not even get to know that one is wearing any make-up. The right foundation for a skin type will either moisturise it, or prevent it from breaking out. The colour of the skin, its 'temperature' and 'season' are also equally important, i.e., whether one is a summer or winter person, or whether she has warm or yellow undertones. Also, very often, it so happens that ladies with little discoloration or hyperpigmentation do not need so much foundation to make their complexion smooth. In such cases, only the minimal amount should be used.

Concealer: These are used to cover dark circles, blemishes and/or any kind of discolouration. Coupled with the right foundation, a concealer can do wonders for the skin. In order to choose the appropriate concealer, the undertones of the skin need to be identified, as the former needs to be in sync with the latter. So, before choosing between pink, yellow, olive, or brown concealers, and choosing their brightness (relative shade of grey), it is necessary to find out this vital information about one's skin. The closer the concealer is matched to the skin colour, the better it would be for covering up. Another important factor is the colour and the concentration. The thicker the concealer, that better it would be at hiding a blemish or scar, and the best colour is greenish-yellow or blue, in case one wants to hide redness, while yellow or pink are more appropriate for neutralizing dark circles. Care must also be taken to not apply too much concealer. There is something known as the 'fakeness threshold' of a concealer, i.e., in case it is applied excessively, it would become very obvious that an artificial substance has been used on the skin, negating the entire purpose of the make-up.

Powder: This is the finishing touch to the make-up that will define the way one looks, and can even be used on a standalone basis to give a matte look to the skin. It's not necessary to use powder, and those with dry skin would do better to avoid it, unless if it is translucent and used to lock in the eye make-up. For those who have oily skin, it's best to use powder as it will maintain the shine. Also, a liquid-to-powder foundation does not require the application of powder, but in case an oil based foundation is used to reduce shine, powder is mandatory.

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