How to buy and use a Phone Calling Card

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If you think that buying and using a phone calling card is something not worth reading about then think again, buying and using a phone call card can be rather tricky especially when you consider the many types of phone calling cards and restrictions that apply to each one. Even though there are different kinds and rates using call cards is still a lot cheaper than subscribing to a monthly payment plan which is exactly what the local phone companies require so let's go ahead and start defining each of the most important key points that you want to keep in mind when using a calling card.

How to buy them

There are two different ways in which you can buy these cards, the first one would be to go to a grocery store or a gas station which is where most people get them from and the second one which can be a lot more convenient to more people is to use the web in order to get a pin number.

Each one of these approaches has its own advantages for instance, if you do decide to purchase one of these cards from a gas station you will only be asked to pay a flat number such as five dollars, $10, $15 or $20 without any additional fee. On the other hand, if you decide to purchase them online you may be required to pay an additional fee (usually a $.50 to a dollar) on top of the cost of the card, which means that if you are supposed to pay five dollars for a calling card you will end up paying $5.50-$6.

In addition, calling cards that are purchased at retail stores (this includes gas stations of course) do not often die on people if they are not used which is something that those who buy calling cards from the web tend to experience. If you are to buy a call card online and you decide not to use it for whatever reason you need to be aware that a certain service fee will be charged to the balance on your account, this means that if you buy a five dollar call card from a website after five days you may only have $2.50 left on your balance. This doesn't happen with each and everyone website that sells call cards which is why it is best for you to read the fine print as well as terms and conditions of the site that you wish to use.

Using a call card

Using a calling card is rather a straightforward operation however you do need to know certain information such as a local phone number is printed on the calling card that you purchased (if you bought it online that the number should have been e-mailed to you), your pin number obviously and last but not least your destination number. It important for you to remember that you will get the most out of any calling card by using all of your minutes in one call otherwise the amount of minutes that you are supposed to get will be cut by nearly 25% regardless of where you bought your card.

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