How To Buy A Good Sunless Tanning Lotion

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Sunless tanning lotions would be a good option for you if you wish to have tanned skin all through the year because you can't afford to go to an expensive beauty salon every time you require a suntan. Sunless tanning products are easy to apply and give a long lasting tan to your skin, leaving no marks or spots.

Traditionally, a tanned skin was achieved by lying under the sun for quite a long time and burning your skin with harmful ultra-violet sunrays.

These days, a fake tan is the most popular alternative to a natural one in which there is no risk of sunburn and skin cancer. Although these products have been available in market for more than thirty years but they have gained popularity in the recent years only.

In a very short span of time, these products can produce better results as compared to natural sun tanning.

How to Buy Good Sunless Tanning Lotions

* A good self tanning lotion allows uniform application without leaving any spots or marks on your skin. While buying one for yourself, make sure that you get best quality product since they do not contain chemicals or toxicants. Go for the one that is made of natural ingredients.

* Sunless tanning products should be thin enough so that you can apply it easily on your skin. That way, it does not get accumulated in the fine lines and folds of your skin.

* Consult your beautician before purchasing tanning products. Know your skin type and then purchase a specific product.

* Remember that sunless tanning lotion for the face is lighter than the one for the arms and legs. You get different lotions for face and body.

* Before buying in bulk quantities, it is wise to buy samples of self tanning products and apply on a small area of your body that is usually not exposed. See if you feel any irritation or sensation. If not, go for it. If it causes irritation, try other products.

* The market is flooded with an infinite number of tanning lotions from different manufacturers. Make sure than you conduct a thorough research and find out the most reputed manufacturer. Avoid buying local products as they may damage your skin.

How to Apply Sunless Tanning Lotion

* The results depend on how you apply tanning products. Make sure to read the "How to Use" section on the tube or bottle of the tanning lotion and follow the guidelines properly.

* Exfoliate your skin properly before applying the lotion as it helps the tan stay for long on your skin. Don't compromise on the quality of the exfoliant. Use a good quality product from a reputable manufacturer.

* Cleanse your skin properly and dry it from a clean towel. Wear minimal clothes so that the lotion can be applied to your entire body. It is good if you wear old clothes as tanning products may leave some spots.

* Apply tanning lotion all over your body by using a roller or sponge. Make sure that you spread it in such a manner that it gives you a uniform effect.

* Allow it to dry. You can wear loose clothes and wait until it dries completely. Check if you have an even tan. If not, you can reapply it and follow the same process.

Tanning lotions are a great way to achieve a fake tan. Just make sure that you get a good quality product for yourself.

Sun Laboratories offers a wide range of sunless tanning products to its customers. A tanning lotions is their hottest selling product and provides you with amazing results within a few applications for short time periods.

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