How To Bulk Up - The Ideal Diet For Bulking Up

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Although there are a lot of people trying to get rid of their excess weight, there are countless others that are trying to do the exact opposite. A lot of people are unhappy about their slim physique and therefore look for ways to bulk up and pack on some muscle mass.

While gaining weight can be incredible easy for some people, the fact is that individuals with a high metabolic rate find it extremely difficult to gain weight. One of the primary reasons why skinny men struggle to pack on even a slight amount of muscle is because they aren't consuming enough calories. If you are naturally skinny & have a fast metabolism, you can pretty much expect to remain like that unless you consume a high amount of calories every month, 365 days a year! Having a fast metabolism means your body processes food much faster than others and never stores much calories which is the main reason why you are not able to add some mass to your frame.

The best way to be making sure you are consuming enough calories is to multiply your body weight in pounds by 18. While it may vary for different people, it is pretty much a general figure that applies to most people. Also, make sure you are always consuming more enough than your body burns off. Having 500 calories everyday would mean an increase in weight of about 1-2 lbs in a week. But since this isn't going to last too long, you would have to consume even more calories once you hit a plateau.

Okay now coming on the diet which you should consume in order to bulk up. Since eating 3000 calories or so every day isn't an easy job, you should strive to drink as many calorie dense fluids as possible. Milk should be limited to l litre a day, any more than that and you could be running the risk of way too much calcium intake. Other calories dense sources you could incorporate in your diet include Oats, nuts, chicken breast etc.

Also, you want to be consuming as little fat as possible. Protein is much better when it comes to bulking up and adding some muscle mass your frame. Examples of high protein sources include chicken, eggs, tuna, nuts, curd, dairy products, lean red meat etc. You could even add a few protein supplements to make the task easier.

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