How To Build Bottle Rockets and Launch Them Sky-High!

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Find a new use for plastic bottles by making bottle rockets! You know making these types of bottle rockets really add fun to your kids and may be yourself too.

If you have a large collection of plastic bottles, you might have thought of building bottle rockets. Only thing is, you don't know how to build a bottle rocket. The results can be dramatic and a good way to use up plastic bottles!

You need two 2-liter plastic bottles, a small plastic cone, duct tape, scissors, string, modeling clay, a manila folder with no pockets, a black trash bag and a hole-puncher. If you're a child or very clumsy, ask an adult to help you.

Cut the top and bottom off one bottle so you're left with a plastic cylinder. This forms the storage compartment, or fuselage, for the parachute. Tape the fuselage to the bottom of second plastic bottle. Cut 3 triangular fins from the folder and tape them to the second plastic bottle. The fins should be situated nearer to the end with the bottle cap.

Cut the pointed end off the cone to form the nose of your rocket. Stop up the opening with a wad of clay. Attach the rocket nose to the fuselage with the string, attached by tape on the inside of the cone and fuselage. You can cut out 3 mini fins to balance the cone atop of the fuselage if needed.

To make the parachute, cut the closed end off the trash bag. Fold the bag in half lengthwise, making sure the edges are matched. Then, along the long axis, fold it in half. Fold this shape on the diagonal to form a triangle. Trim away the excess.

Upon unfolding the bag, you will now have 2 circles. You will only need one. Fold the circle into 16 parts, marking the creases as you go. Reinforce both sides of the creases near the outer edge of the circle with masking tape and punch holes through the tape. Fold the chute in half again and thread string through the holes. Attach the chute to the fuselage with duct tape. Pack the chute loosely into the fuselage and cap it with the cone.

To launch the rocket, first half-fill it with water. Balance it on its fins or a launching platform; add pressure into the bottle such as with a bicycle pump until your bottle rocket is launched!

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