How To Best Help The Environment

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Being good to the environment can be hard during the winter seasons and holidays, you are constantly using paper products and things that can be wasteful. Your recyclable bags will obviously still do a little bit of help, but reusable bags themselves might not cure your guilt. Paper flies around like no other during the Christmas season such as boxes, tissue, and wrapping paper. You may feel bad about this, but it would be silly to put yourself through pain or to hurt your holidays for the expense of things that probably would not help the environment that much. The truth about the environment is that if anyone wants to help it, it has to be a worldwide thing. Nationwide in the ways of the United States would even make a monstrous difference.

All the things we are doing to save the environment are good, but it would not get people where they want to be. If anyone actually wants to change something, they are going to have to revolutionize the way everyday life is being lived. The issue starts with the food industry really. The way everything is manufactured and farmed is not only ruining natural resources, making people unhealthy, but also putting bad things back into the earth. It is one continuous cycle of bad. Most people are not educated enough to know what is really going on, which is the biggest issue. No one is going to want to change anything if they do not know that anything is wrong. It is hard to get people educated as well, because you have to remember that you are insulting their way of life. You need to be very careful when dealing with this subject with other people or you may seriously hurt people's feelings.

Another big change is going to have to come through the way people view transportation. How unimportant the bike has become in some places like America is really very sad. It is so efficient, cheap and healthy. People rely on cars to get them everywhere and it is extremely harmful to our earth. In third world countries people pile on lots of things in top of their bikes and lug them across all sorts of terrain and long distances. People complain about America being fat, but no one realizes how little they move compared to some other cultures. If people can reduce the amount of fossil fuels put into the atmosphere it could change the way things are going. This is said quite often, but people do not really think about it. A few wealthy individuals buying hybrid cars and a few people using vegetable cars will not do the trick. This too has to be something that happens with everyone.

This does not mean that all of your efforts are going to waste. If no one cared or did it at all, the world would be that much farther away from making any changes. One step at a time, people can achieve this goal.


Stewart Wrighter recently purchased several cases of custom recyclable bags for a fundraiser at his restaurant. He ordered reusable bags with his restaurant's logo printed on it.

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