How to Become a Translation Expert

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Translation is a skill where training can be a big differentiators. As international trade gathers momentum, there is a need for more and more translators from one language to another. If you can effectively undertake translation work, over a given period of time, you can graduate to becoming an Interpreter.

To become an Expert in Translation, the following pre requisites are necessary:–

(1) Basic Knowledge: In order to gain expertise, you should have sound basic knowledge about the subject. A translator has to know a minimum of two languages thoroughly. One language is his mother tongue or base language and another language is the target language. Let us assume that a translator is an Englishman translating into Spanish. In this case, his own language will be English and he undertakes translation work in Spanish. He should know English and Spanish thoroughly. He should refer to various dictionaries and books on the subject. He should keep on practicing with sample assignments.

(2) Training and Apprenticeship: He should under go proper Training on these subjects. Firstly, he should undergo basic Training. Then he should undertake apprenticeship under an experienced translator or translation company. Training is a never ending process. He should seek every available opportunity to train himself through others’ experiences. He should keep on acquiring knowledge on the subjects that are connected with his translation work. Business language training can be had in just about any language that you can think of.

(3) Subject Knowledge: Once a translator is proficient in the two languages for undertaking translation work, he will face a challenge with the subject of translation. While translators are linguistic experts, they may not be familiar with the technicalities of subjects into which they are translating. There are many spheres where translation work can be undertaken. Whatever subjects a translator chooses, he has to gain good knowledge about the subject. He should also study the background. A lot of effort has to be made to gain in depth knowledge on the subject of translation. The topics can vary from international relations, trade, sports or even medicine.

A good translator should know the cultural background of the country of his target language. To summarize the above, a successful translator can become an expert by if he has:-
(1) Good command over two or more languages
(2) Decent subject matter Knowledge
(3) Ability to take initiative in research
(4) Good amount of training
(5) Dynamism
(6) Alertness
(7) Ability to learn from one’s mistakes

There is no dearth of opportunities for a good translator. By following these guidelines any individual can excel in the art of translation.

Article written by Mr. Ram Kesarwani, Director of Translation India - offers spanish translation, simultaneous interpretation equipment for conferences, meetings and seminars from India.

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