How To Become A Call Center Agent In The Philippines

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Being a call center agent is said to be the hardest and most stressful job around the Philippines. Mainly because most of these are night shift and that their job requires their utmost attention, particularly because call center is a Live Answering Service.

However, many Filipinos have said that being a call center agent can also be as fun. The relationship and camaraderie that they build within their teams are said to be the key to why being a call center agent can also be fun like any other jobs available in the Philippines.

But the real reason why call center became popular in the Philippines, particularly among many younger Filipinos, is because of its competitive benefits and salary.

According to many experts, call center agents have one of the biggest salaries in the Philippines. This is because most call center agencies in the Philippines are outsourced from other countries, particularly in the US, which is why these companies can provide a very competitive salary in the market.

How to become a call center agent
Although most of their services mainly revolves around Live Answering Service, it may still require more than just knowledge in using the English language. According to many Filipinos, due to recent events such as global recession, the call center industry of the Philippines have significantly changed, making it more competitive compared in the past. Part of its many changes involves their recruitment processes as well as requirements for application.

According to many experts, many call center managers, particularly from larger call center companies, require their applicants to be at least college graduates, in a bachelor's degree if possible, as well as those with extreme knowledge in English language. They also require their applicants to have above average knowledge in IT, particularly because they would be working with the use of a computer.

Other than their skills, they also require their applicants to be as competent as they could be, because their application or recruitment processes may challenge them to compete with hundreds of applicants competing to get the job.

Common recruitment processes
Common recruitment processes involve, but not limited to:

Phone screening
Because this business involves a Live Answering Service, applicants are mostly screen for their voice quality over the phone. This is also the reason why females are mostly hired than the male, because the woman's voice is much gentler compared to the men.

Initial interview and examination
If the applicant passes the phone screening, they would then be interviewed by the company's HR department as well as submitted to an exam. This interview is mostly done to determine the speaking skills, attitude, and confidence of the applicant in answering their questions. The exam is done to test the applicant's knowledge in using a computer as well as their IQ and EQ.

Final interview
This interview is done to determine on which position the applicant is more suited to. This is by assessing the applicant's customer service, technical, or sales skills. For more information visit to our site

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