How to Be An All Round Wedding Entertainer To Get Lots Of Gigs

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The initial benefits of working as a professional wedding singer over singing in local bars is that an arrangement or a gig in a pub is a verbal agreement which can easily be cancelled by the landlord at the last minute, whereas wedding work is normally via an agency which will arrange a solid contract with steps in place to avoid cancellations. This security means you can use this form of employment as a steady ground to build your life on such as rent and bills etc.
In terms of the music you perform you may need to revise your set list a little from the songs about heartbreak and misery that would go down a storm with the drinkers in the pubs. A wedding day is a happy occasion so songs focusing on the positive in life will be in order here. Not necessarily cheesy numbers although you'll need some of those towards the end when the dance floor is full.
You may have also been used to standing in the corner of the bar area with your microphone stand, speakers and mixing desk. For weddings you need a flashier look here, so try a portable lighting rig with a few traditional disco lights, look online for this. Also to disguise the lengths of cables and cords from speakers try some black canvas that covers it up. A nice touch with this is to buy white fairy lights and cut tiny holes in the canvas and pop them through to create a stars at night effect covering the unsightly stage cables.

When you dress for a wedding show, the ladies can experiment a little here but I find a traditional, classy dress in a striking colour looks fine. For a male, a suit jacket, trousers, white shirt and shoes. No need for ties as by the time you perform most of the male guests will take off the tie for comfort. Same goes for a waist jacket, you can leave that at home.
An excellent tip which will convert to more gigs for you is to learn how to be a disco DJ yourself. Most clients end up paying for a singer and a DJ separately at a great cost, if you learn how to do it yourself via a laptop with a mixing program and your entire music collection you could add it on for a nominal fee and make your act a lot more desirable to potential customers.
These little tweaks to your set up could be the ones which promote you from pubs and clubs to professional entertainer for hire. If you're a beginner and are starting right from scratch, I have made some more tutorials online which will help you take the first step and learn how to be a pub entertainer. Take a look around for them and enjoy. When you accomplish those first steps, re-read this article and you'll be working as a singer in no time.

Finally, when your act is up and running you'll need professional representation. Search for entertainment agencies or find Best One Entertainment and submit your application to join their books. Good luck.

Best One Entertainment is the provider of live bands to the North West and UK-Wide. Entertainment Agents North West We also offer advice on the site for the planning and organisation of your day.

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